GORE POWER 2.0 LADY Bib short+


The Gore Power 2.0 lady bib shorts fit like a second skin and have a pad that we loved, add in the zipped system that allows for quick and easy toilet breaks and these bib shorts really stand out from the competition.


GORE POWER 2.0 LADY Bibtights short+


If you are a fan of bib shorts you will know that the great fit and clean lines offered by bibs over non-bibs comes at a price and that is the faff factor when you need to relieve yourself.  Shorts manufacturers have offered a number of solutions to the challenge over the years, but we think the systems Gore have used in their Power 2.0 lady bib shorts are the best yet.  Two zips open from the centre of the back outwards, to just above the hip and then the bottom area can be pulled down to allow for the easiest and quickest of pit-stops.


Other systems we have tried have not been as easy and perhaps even more critically, have not felt entirely secure when done up either.  We have even had one zipped system fail quite spectacularly when training, so we have been trialling these for a while to check that they are as good as they promise to be before telling you about them.  We are happy to report that in our experience the Gore zips are easy to open and really secure when closed, and that is a huge relief in every sense of the word!


It is only fair that we declare our hand here - we have always liked what Gore offer for female cyclists.  Their understanding of our anatomy and needs shines through in their kit and they usually manage to flatter the female form as well.  The Power SE Jersey reviewed here is the perfect demonstration of their ability to make us look amazing and the Power 2.0 lady bib shorts are just as good.  We believe that if you look good, you will feel great and we refuse to compromise just because we are working hard on our bikes.


With Gore it is a given that the Power 2.0 lady bib shorts will fit beautifully.  They are a race oriented fit and the feeling is of a close fit but without being tight.  The legs are just the right length at nine inches and they are finished with a wide strip of colourful gripper elastic that keeps the legs in place without a hint of a muffin top.  The shape of the bibs accommodates a female waist nicely and the bibs are wide enough to ensure there is no cutting in over the shoulders.  Of course all the seams are flat-locked, so there is no chafing and the pad is deliciously comfortable, being made from high density perforated open-cell foam, which we found allowed for excellent breathability and quick drying too.


It is definitely worth noting that with the Power 2.0 lady bib shorts Gore have not simply offered the basic over the shoulder bib system.  The bibs, which are made from mesh to aid ventilation, have a clip that fastens just over the breastbone and this pulls the bibs into an X-shape, thus overcoming the question of where the bibs straps should sit on larger ladies who can suffer from chafing with straps that run down the outside of the torso.  When done up the bibs feel really secure and, frankly, just “right”.


We have been wearing these shorts for a while now on longer rides and they have quickly become a favourite.  We always get compliments when wearing them and we loved the way they feel and perform.


The Gore Power 2.0 lady bib shorts are well designed, great fitting and very comfortable, with the added bonus of a zip system that allows for quick and easy pit stops and some great colour options too.


Sizes: XS-XXL

Colours: black/white, black/white/rich red

Price: £99.00 but we have seen two pairs available for £149.00

Website: Gore Apparel POWER 2.0 LADY Bib short



Performance: 9/10

Value for money: 8/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre



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