Osprey Momentum backpack


The Osprey Momentum backpack is so packed full of features that it is a wonderful journey of discovery getting to know it and given how well made it seems to be, we feel like we have entered into a long term relationship!


Osprey Momentum backpack


Cyclists have very particular needs from their backpacks and it is clear that the designers at Osprey have properly understood these when working on the Momentum.  To be fair to them, it’s not just cycling they “get”. A quick scan of their website and you will see that you can select your ideal backpack by your sport and then further refine your search by ticking the key features that are important to you, in order of priority – yes, impressive!


So extensive is the list of features Osprey offer that we did not even know that some of them were important to us until we realised we could have them!  For example, the list of 13 features available just for cycling backpacks, includes women’s specific fit, quick access to a laptop, an integrated rain cover and even the ability to carry full face helmet and body armour… and there are nine other features listed.


The Momentum has so much going on that we had to actually read the labels to understand what it offered – when was the last time you had to do that… for a backpack?!  As a result, one of the joys of testing the Momentum was discovering all the pockets and compartments that it has, many of which have been designed to carry specific items, in very innovative ways.  We found that the obvious needs are complemented by thoughtful and incredibly well planned features that are designed to work with the pack, rather than add bulk or spoil the overall lines of it.  For example, the zippered, scratch-free sunglasses and electronics pocket that is built into one of the shoulder straps is at a level that gives the wearer very quick and easy access whilst wearing the pack.


The shoulder straps are padded and wide enough to be comfortable and comfort is also assured by easy adjustability.  Additional straps across the chest and around the waist allow for a very secure fit, which we really appreciated on the bike, especially when we had a heavy laptop on board.  The Momentum has a mesh back panel which sits on top of foam ridges to allow for a little air circulation and that proved most welcome on hot days.  You still feel considerably warmer than you would if you were not carrying a back pack of course, but this is a great system for ventilation.


As a backpack aimed at commuters, the ability to carry a laptop in a padded compartment that was quick to access, a separate tablet sleeve, high vis reflective graphics and bright yellow rain cover that tucks neatly into the base of the Momentum are perhaps expected features, but like everything connected with this backpack, they are done particularly well.


In fact our tester told us that last time she was commuting into London, she had a backpack that was larger in terms of its external dimensions, but she was unable to carry as much as she could with the Momentum.  As a result, the Momentum has become her pack of choice for anything she does on a bike, including travelling to training and races.


Special features that will really appeal to cyclists include the LidLock helmet attachment, a really quick and simple mechanism that holds the helmet very securely on outside of the backpack, the ability to attach an LED light, stretch mesh bottle holders with compression straps and a hydration sleeve.


Quite simply, the more we used it, the more we loved it and given the awesome design, very sturdy construction and strong zips – which we have put under some considerable pressure – we think this backpack will last and last.  The Momentum is backpack art and definitely worth every penny!


Sizes: 22 litres or 30 litres

Colours: Carbide or Atomic Orange

RRP: 22L £80.00, 30l £85.00

Website: ospreyeurope.com - momentum series


Performance: 9/10

Value for money: 9/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre



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