Lake MX217


The Lake MX217 is a great fitting and really comfortable mountain bike shoe, with a carbon sole and an all leather upper, held together by their rather special BOA lacing system.


Lake MX217


We think that Lake have done a great job of creating a good looking, durable mountain bike shoe with the MX217 and we found them really comfortable no matter what we did in them.


First things first - these shoes look great (our reviewer told us she had people complementing them, which was a first for her with her cycling foot wear!).  They also look a little different to a lot of other MTB shoes out there with their white/black colour scheme and single, side mounted BOA lacing system.  Definitely an upgrade on the more common and usually inferior systems that include ratchet straps and / or velcro.


The upper is super soft “action leather” which feels fantastic and oozes quality, it also looks great and has been very well cut.  The joy of leather is that it's breathable, durable and reasonably water resistant too.  On top of that it is easy to clean, which means these shoes will continue to look like new for quite a while.


When we first put them on we found the Lake MX217’s instantly comfortable.  Since then we have tested them on some long rides and have had absolutely no complaints from day one.  The beauty of the BOA system is that it laces the shoes quickly and evenly across the length of the foot and can be cranked up to the max to give an overall feel that is really secure with no tight spots.  Critically the fit around the heel is just right and it gives the rider confidence to pull up on the pedals with no lifting at all.


Lake has added rubberized tread and replaceable metal studs to the carbon fibre sole used in the MX217 and the combination is dynamite.  The carbon sole runs the full length of the shoe and there is a “powerzone” under the forefoot.  The powerzone is an area of carbon that has been reinforced just where the cleat fits, so that every bit of power you put down goes directly into the pedals – nothing is lost in the flexing of the soles, something that we have suffered with shoes that have a cheaper construction.


Despite the stiffness, our tester told us she was able to walk about in them quite a bit without them being uncomfortable.  The grip off road, on slick muddy climbs or rocky surfaces, was excellent thanks to the tread and studs, and they were surprisingly good on tarmac as well.


We found the Lake MX217’s remarkably comfortable for short distances, long distances and walking about in, which is a great achievement, and it is all wrapped up in a product that looks great and should take some serious punishment.


Sizes: 36-42 in women’s fit

Colours: Black/white

Price: £169.99

Website: Lake MX217


Performance: 9/10

Value for money: 9/10


Tested by Anna Railton



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