Brunton Heavy Metal 5500


The Brunton Heavy Metal 5500 is no ordinary power pack, it is an extremely rugged, super-fast mobile power source that can charge a smart phone five times.


Brunton Heavy Metal 5500


To say that we have been pleased with the Brunton Heavy Metal 5500 would be a massive understatement – it was love at first sight and we are wondering how we ever managed to survive without it!


We have used mobile power sources before, but they have tended to allow us just to get by, rather than providing a full charge to a device that we cannot be without and they have typically been rather flimsy gadgets that needed looking after.  In both of these respects, the Brunton Heavy Metal is in a class of its own.  First of all, we found we could charge a smart phone several times, or fully charge a tablet from scratch and we have also used it to charge iPods, our Garmin, a Kindle and USB rechargeable bike lights, often charging two devices at the same time.  Of course it is good for charging anything that can be connected via a USB port, so camera, speakers, games consoles… the list is almost endless.


As for its robustness, the lifetime guarantee offered by Brunton is surely the ultimate act of confidence.  The machined aluminium housing that they have used for the Heavy Metal looks and feels like a seriously solid casing, but if you are in any doubt at all the “buy it, try it, bust it, return it, no questions asked” promise takes all the risk out of it for the user and perhaps more importantly, means that we were happy to take it absolutely anywhere, without a second thought and surely that is exactly how a charging device like this should be used?


It is incredibly simple to use.  Thoughtfully, Brunton send it out pre-charged – we liked that very much – and to charge a device you simply plug it in.  The Heavy Metal automatically starts the charging process for you and helpfully, three yellow lights show you exactly how much charge you have left.  Once the charging is completed, it powers down until it is needed again, simples!


We don’t leave home without it now and have considered it a life saver.  It is perfect to slip into the back pocket of a jersey – we never ride without a phone, but often find we are low on battery power just as we are walking out of the door.  It was fantastic when we were camping and will be packed for our holidays too.  Less rugged but just as demanding we took the Brunton Heavy Metal into the velodrome every day when attending the week long World Masters Track Championships.  It seemed there was always something that needed to be recharged and so the dual USB outputs – one standard and one micro – were always connected to something.


The Brunton Heavy Metal is one of those devices that you wonder how you ever managed without.  Portable, rugged and ready to charge devices multiples times, we reckon it is the ultimate mobile power source.


Price: £65.00

Colours: black, orange, yellow, white

Size: 11.5x7.6x1.5cm

Weight: 247 grams

Output: 2.1amp and 1amp

Charge time: 6 hours from the mains

Power source: High-grade Lithium polymer cells, rated to 1000 cycles


Purchase from: Brunton heavy metal



Value for money: 9/10

Performance: 10/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre



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