Briko Techno Evo Duo


The Briko Techno Evo is a great fitting, lightweight pair of glasses, with a choice of two sets of quality lenses that work well for all types of activity but particularly well on the bike.


Briko Techno Evo Duo


We tested the Briko Endure 5.0 here, actually it would be fair to say we raved about the Endure 5.0 and at £119.99 you could argue we should have been excited.  The Techno Evo Duo is at the other end of the scale though, at just £49.99, but you still get a great pair of glasses.


Briko don’t seem to compromise on the lenses they use and with the Techno Evo Duo you get a choice of two sets, both of which have excellent optical clarity.  The lenses are:


  1. Thrama Revo Metal Blue AF V cat 3 – for sunny/bright conditions.  These gave great protection from the sun and, we are told, help to reduce eye fatigue and strain as well
  2. Thrama Plus 80 AF V cat 0 – for low visibility, fog haze and flat light


With these lenses we reckon the glasses are good for all year round use and found they worked equally well indoors at the track as they do out doors on the road or trails.


We found the shape of the lenses gives just enough wrap around to ensure good peripheral vision and also the right level of protection from the wind that is important for contact lens wearers, but without leaving you feeling like you are encased in goggles.


Both sets of lenses have been treated to resist fogging up and this in conjunction with the lens / frame interface kept us from misting up in any conditions.


In addition, the fit of Briko glasses really is exceptional.  We have tried the Techno Evo Duo with small heads and large heads, and everyone says they feel secure and comfortable.  There is a good amount of flex in the frame, which allows then to accommodate all head sizes and the arm ends and nose pads are rubberised for grip.  In addition the nose pads can be squeezed together or pulled apart to suit any nose size and this also allows the wearer to choose how far they want the glasses to sit from their face.  This feature makes these glasses so easy to wear that we have found ourselves grabbing them before some of our more expensive options.


The ultimate test for glasses is whether you know you are wearing them after a couple of hours on the bike.   This is usually a function of the weight, the fit: whether they slip down your nose, and the comfort; whether there are pressure points over the ears or on the nose.  As with the Endure 5.0 the Briko Techno Evo Duo passed this test with flying colours.  In fact our tester is particularly picky when it comes to her athletic eyewear, but she assured us they required no mid-ride adjustment and this, combined with a great fit and a weight of just 31g, meant that she simply forgot she was wearing them.


Briko Techno Evo Duo are a great pair of sunglasses; the feel, fit and performance is perfect for any kind of cycling and they come at a price point that won’t bring tears to your eyes (sorry we couldn’t resist!).


Colour: black/blue, black, pink, white, yellow/black

RRP: £49.99

Website: - Briko Glasses


Performance: 8/10

Value for money: 9/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre



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