Proviz Reflect360 Jacket


The Proviz Reflect360 jacket is a water resistant jacket that takes high visibility to a whole new level, as all of the outer shell is made from reflective material.


Proviz Reflect 360


If you live the “be safe, be seen” message then this is the jacket for you as it is simply the most visible jacket we have ever come across.  It has been made so that the outer fabric is all reflective, ensuring you light up like Blackpool illuminations in car head lights, no matter what direction the vehicle is approaching from.  Hence the Reflect360 label – do you see what they did there?!


The outrageous incandescence of the Proviz Reflect360 does not however come at the price of comfort.  There are a number of features which make this a very wearable jacket and top of that list is the venting.  Temperature is managed by a combination of a storm flap over vents which run across the shoulders and that works in conjunction with the 30cm under arm zips.  Simply unzip as much of the under arm area as you need and air flows in around the core body area and exits via the storm flap at the back.  We found this made for a very effective system and we were even able to make adjustments whilst we were on the bike.  We think that this will become more of a challenge as our gloves become thicker to cope with winter temperatures, but for now, it all worked perfectly.


Proviz Reflect360 light up


The jacket is billed as “highly water resistant” rather than waterproof, but given that the seams are all sealed and the zip is both water repellent and has a storm flap running behind it, it was perhaps no surprise that we found it kept out all but the most biblical of downpours and held the wind at bay too.


Proviz have further invested in wearer comfort with the super soft fleece lined collar, which made the Reflect360 a pleasure to wear and the height and fit of the collar gave good protection to the neck as well.  In addition to this, the jacket is entirely lined with mesh (sleeves and body) which also adds to its wear-ability. 


We really appreciated the Velcro cuffs which can be fastened over the cuff of a glove to keep the elements out and these, added to the elasticated drawstring around the base of the jacket, really help to keep you warm when the temperatures drop.


The overall fit of the Proviz Reflect360 is not particularly aerodynamic, but on the plus side it does allow for good layers underneath and if you are buying this jacket then we would suggest that visibility is a higher priority than speed.  Helpfully, the cut incorporates a generous arm length – plenty to overlap a glove cuff and allow for a full range of movement – and a drop tail that keeps some of the spray off your rear end too.  Finally, there is a deep zipped pocket at the back and two at the front, as well as one inside pocket, all of which allow for plenty of secure storage.


Proviz have taken visibility to a whole new level with the Reflect360, but there is no compromise in comfort or features, in what surely is a must have jacket for anyone that rides after dark.  This is the jacket to be seen in this winter!


Sizes: S-XXL (NB sizes are men’s so S=10/12 for a women)

Colour: Grey

RRP: £74.99 but Halfords are selling for £63.99 at the time of writing this

Website: Proviz Reflect360


Performance: 9/10

Value for money: 9/10 (what price can you put on safety?)


Tested by Jan Birkmyre



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