Shutt VR Cycling Socks


The Shutt Velo Rapide cycling socks are really stylish socks that feel great and perform with the best.


Shutt Velo Rapide cycling socks


We like Shutt Velo Rapide kit, it’s a little bit different but always beautifully designed and highly functional – perhaps it is the British craftsmanship they lavish on their products – whatever the reason, we always enjoy testing their products, whether that is their Isobel Jersey (reviewed here) or a simple pair of cycling socks.


We’ve never underestimated the joy of a great pair of cycling socks and Shutt VR have ticked all the important boxes for us.  The socks feel great on, with a nice snug fit, particularly over the top of the foot and around the arch, thanks to what Shutt VR call their “high-density elastic mid-foot support band” – we couldn’t have put it better ourselves!  What that means is there was no twisting around or rucking of fabric inside our cycling shoes, which are themselves a super close fit and very unforgiving if our socks are anything less than perfect.


Shutt VR have used a wider weave over the top of the foot and that definitely helped with breathability.  The truth is though, if you are working hard on the bike, your feet are going to sweat, but with so many antibacterial treatments available these days that doesn’t have to mean you have to put up with nasty smells.  Shutt VR’s solution is to use Meryl Skinlife antibacterial fibres and they did everything they promised on the tin – our feet and shoes smelt so fresh and lovely that we definitely think we could teach the boys a thing or two!


Never ones to shy away from their retro roots, the Shutt VR cycling socks have a relatively high cuff, measuring 9cm and given that they have put their rather stylish logo around the top, it seems a shame not to show it off.  Most important of all, the cuff stayed perfectly in place, so you can be sure of always looking your best, while working on razor sharp tan lines with these socks.


Shutt VR cycling socks are super stylish, as well as being both breathable and supportive, and they come in black or white, to keep everyone happy!


Sizes: small/medium

Colours: Black or white

RRP: £12.50

Website: Socks


Performance: 8/10

Value for money: 8/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre



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