Aquapac Bike-Mounted Waterproof Phone Case


If you use your phone as a bike computer, for filming, timing, as navigation device, or perhaps you simply want to have it visible to you while you are riding, then you will love the Aquapac Bike-Mounted Waterproof Phone Case.


Aquapac Bike-Mounted Waterproof Phone Case


The Aquapac Bike-Mounted Waterproof phone case is the perfect way to attach your phone to the handle bars so that you can use it, while protecting it from the elements; weather, water, grit, you name it.


We found the touch screen functionality through the bag to be spot on – the response was so good that you would not know it was in a bag.  It does not allow for fingerprint recognition, so if you use that technology you have to fall back to using the pin code, but that is a small price to pay to protect what is undoubtedly a pricey and very personal bit of kit, that none of us can afford to damage or lose.


USA today recently reported that 47% of adults could not last a day without their smartphones and there is no doubt that even if you don’t actually use your smartphone while you are on the bike, it is super secure and very safe attached to the bars with the Aquapac.


It was incredibly easy to fit the Aquapac and requires no tools, or reading of instructions!  Simply undo the two plastic coated nuts, which opens up the handle bar mount.  Wrap the protective strip provided around your bars and mount the Aquapac.  The two nuts only need to be finger tight to give a secure fit and you’re good to go.  Simples! 


Before you fully tighten the nuts you can choose to position your phone either facing forwards for filming, or with the screen visible to yourself in the saddle for navigation.  Once the Aquapac is properly secured, we liked that you can change the orientation from portrait to landscape simply by swivelling the Aquapac on its mounting.  And if that doesn’t impress you we think you’re going to like that when you get to a café stop, you can turn the Aquapac through 180 degrees to completely release the phone, still in the bag, from your bike, keeping it fully protected from the rain at all times – very clever!


The Aquapac itself has a very serious looking closing mechanism that requires the bottom of the bag to be properly aligned, before two lugs are turned through 90 degrees to complete the sealing process and it is very easy to have faith in the claim that is it waterproof to 30ft / 10m for at least 30 minutes.


If you want to use your phone on the bike the Aquapac is one of those bits of kit that you will wonder how you ever got by without.  Easy to mount, simple to use and seriously weather proof.


Sizes: Mini: 155mm around [width/circumference]; 140mm long; Small: 200mm around [width/circumference]; 150mm long

Mount fits bars from 22-32mm diameter

Price: £50.00

Website: bike mounted waterproof phone case



Performance: 9/10

Value for money: 8/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre



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