GORE ELEMENT Thermo LADY Bibtights+


The Gore Element Thermo Lady Bibtights+ are wonderfully comfortable, warm, great fitting bibs for winter riding, with the added bonus of a zip system that allows for quick and easy toilet breaks.



GORE ELEMENT Thermo LADY Bibtights+



We love bib tights for winter, the fit and feel is (in our opinion) vastly superior to tights with a waist band, but there is one downside and that is the faff factor when you need to relieve yourself.  The faff factor goes off the scale if you are rugged up with lots of winter layers and if you are riding with a group who are rapidly getting cold while you peel off clothing to take a “natural break”, you can lose friends quickly! 


A number of cycling kit manufacturers have offered solutions to tackle the challenge, but none of the systems hold a candle to Gore’s.  We loved it in the Gore Power 2.0 lady bib shorts (reviewed here) and we love it even more in the Gore Element Thermo Bibtights+.  Quite simply Gore has incorporated zips that sit on the waist and open from the centre back outwards, to just above the hip.  The bottom area can then be pulled down to allow for the easiest and quickest of pit-stops – no friends lost, but plenty of jealous ladies!


Other systems we have tried have not been as easy and perhaps even more critically, have not felt entirely secure when done up either.  This has led to one particularly embarrassing episode!  After many miles of riding with the Gore Power bib shorts and now the Element bib tights, we have lots of confidence that Gore zips are not only easy to open, they are really secure when closed too.


There is of course much more to the Gore Element bib tights than just an elegant solution to our need to relieve ourselves whilst out training.  Once again, mirroring the excellent system on the Power bib shorts, the bib straps clip together between the breasts, creating an “X” that feels both comfortable and secure.  The bibs themselves are wide and well finished, and the area that covers the middle of the back is made of mesh to help with temperature regulation.


The fit of the Gore Element bib tights is apparently aimed at the recreational cyclist and is slightly more relaxed than full on “race-fit”.  However tester is probably more race than recreational and she told us she really liked the fit because it made the tights easy to get on and off and, for her, they are plenty aero enough for winter rides. 


The design definitely female specific and is properly ergonomic too, with pre-shaped knees and stretchy enough not to hinder movement, and the people at Gore have been very thoughtful in adding a second layer of fabric over the knees to keep us warm.  There are no stirrups, but the generous leg length has meant that our overshoes easily overlap the bottom of the legs and there has been no gap to let drafts in around our ankles. 


We have been wearing these bib tights every weekend since we got them and love the performance.  The pad is multi density, to give more protection where we need it most and we liked it for rides up to three hours.  One of the reasons we have been grabbing these bibtights over the many others we have is that, on top of all the lovely comfort and warmth Gore have packed in, the colour scheme of the black/neon that we have is wonderfully hi-vis and we can’t get enough of that.  There is a plain black version available too, but since the hi-vis bit is just the outside of the lower leg, it is very effective without being over-the-top.


The Gore Element bib tights are comfortable and warm, incorporating the wonderful Gore zip system that allows for super quick toilet breaks and there is a hi-vis version as well.


Sizes: XS-XXL

Colours: black or black/neon yellow

Price: £79.00

Website: Gore Apparel ELEMENT Thermo LADY Bibtights



Performance: 9/10

Value for money: 9/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre



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