dhb Women’s Cosmo Waterproof Jacket


We've thankfully come a long way since the "glorified plastic bag" days of pack-away waterproofs and the dhb Women’s Cosmo Waterproof Jacket is testament to that.


dhb Women’s Cosmo Waterproof Jacket


First impressions were all good – we loved the colour scheme.  The fuchsia we tested was a great shade of purple and meant that no one mistook our reviewer's layered-in-winter-kit self for a man, which is always nice!  There are also options in grey or black for those that want something less bright and all three colours come with a contrasting coloured zip; dhb have added a blue zip to the fuchsia and grey jackets, light grey to the black, and the overall effect is to lift the look from ordinary to great. 


However, not only is the colour of the dhb Women’s Cosmo Waterproof jacket particularly feminine (and visible we'd hasten to add) but the cut is perfectly tailored for women too.  We found it a nicely close fitting jacket and note that Wiggle recommend that you order a size up if you want something less streamlined and figure hugging.  The close fit accommodates curves in all the right places, but minimises the material used, so it's also doesn't act as a parachute and there's no looking like the Michelin man in the wind either!  Equally, when you want to take it off, roll it up and stow it in a rear pocket, it doesn't take up a lot of room or weigh very much.  


The cut of the dhb Cosmo jacket also includes a ‘drop tail' at the rear of the jacket, which helps keep road spray from your rear wheel off your backside and that worked really well.  Even if you have fitted mud-guards, we think you will appreciate the extra length at the back.


In our opinion, the dhb Cosmo waterproof jacket definitely goes well beyond merely showerproof and lives up to its “fully waterproof” claim – it kept us fabulously dry in everything short of weather that could only be described as biblical.  The waterproof properties are a function of the fully taped seams and ‘2.5 layer technology' which gave us total protection from the wind as well.  Happily, it is pretty breathable too, so it makes for an excellent option for winter training and commuting. 


We liked that dhb have include a number of little details that caught our eye.  The fleece lined collar feels great next to the skin and means you won't be rubbed raw by cold, wet material for hours on end.  We also appreciated the inclusion of a little port for the zip to tuck into, so that it does not scratch your chin.


The dhb Cosmo Waterproof jacket also comes with a zipped rear pocket, which is a bit of a rarity with waterproof jackets like these, and this doubles up as a stuffable pouch to pack the jacket away in when not needed – very tidy.  Elasticated cuffs around the wrist give a good fit over gloves and they effectively keep wind and rain at bay, while silicon gripper around the bottom hem stops the jacket from riding up.


The purple colour is pretty visible by itself, but dhb have also thought to add a few reflective strips around the top of the shoulders (which can be seen when you're in the drops from the front), as well as a rear panel.  Every little helps when it comes to visibility, so we definitely approve.


The dhb Women’s Cosmo Waterproof jacket will be a permanent feature of our winter riding outfit this winter, either worn or packed into our rear pocket just in case.  This jacket not only looks great but performs brilliantly as well and we think it represents great value for money.


Sizes: 8-16

Colours: Fuchsia, Grey or Black

Price: £54.99 (reduced to £49.49 at the time of going to press)

Website: wiggle.co.uk dhb womens cosmo waterproof jacket


Performance: 9/10

Value for money: 10/10 – we really couldn't fault this for the price


Tested by Anna Railton



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