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Over-eating at Christmas is a seasonal hazard, but few realise the marathon amount of exercise needed to banish that belt-busting, festive bulge. 


Victoria’s Pendleton’s bikes are exclusively available from Halfords


Did you know?


  1. The average person consumes a whopping 6000 calories on Christmas Day.  Olympic medal-winning cyclist, Bradley Wiggins would need to cycle the Tour De France one and a half times to burn off those colossal calories
  2. Christmas Dinner alone is 1500 calories that is three and a half hours of gliding it off for Ray Quinn and his Dancing on Ice stars
  3. You can dance away 350 calories or a slice of Christmas pudding with a strictly routine in the style of Caroline Flack, as long as you can keep it up for an hour and a half!
  4. Five bottles of champagne equates to 3000 calories you can run that off along the 26 miles course of the London Marathon
  5. Left overs can also take their toll with 350 calories in one turkey sandwich.  The good news is you can work it off while enjoying a leisurely 45 minute cycle ride


Victoria’s Pendleton’s bikes exclusively available from Halfords


Victoria’s Pendleton’s bikes are exclusively available from Halfords, her fitness tip:

“I know a lot of people have busy lifestyles and can struggle to make time for the gym.  The key is making the most of the time you have by exercising little and often.  Take the stairs rather than the lift, try some exercises around the house, or a cycle to the shops rather than driving.  It all helps to make you feel better and if you can commute on your bike then do it, otherwise a ride at the weekend with friends or family is a great way to exercise whilst also being sociable!”


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*Breakdown of 6000 calories consumed on Christmas day.



Smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel – 210



Prawn cocktail – 200



Christmas dinner – 1,500

Seconds – 500



Christmas pudding – 335, Yule log – 250



5 Sausage rolls – 250

A slice of brie – 200

50g helping of Quality Street – 240

5 pigs in blankets – 400

5 cocktail sausages – 150

Chocolate orange – 230

Crisps - 150



Champagne – 600

2 bottles of beer – 300

Glass of red wine – 500



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