Craft Active Extreme Crewneck


The Craft Active Extreme Crewneck base layer is another winner from this Swedish company who seem to know everything there is to know about keeping us warm and comfortable on the bike.


Craft Active Extreme Crewneck


At Bike Envy we make no secret of the fat that we love Craft's products and this base layer is no exception.  All we want from a base layer is something to keep us warm, dry and comfortable, that doesn't hold odour and which prevents us losing too much skin if we are unfortunate enough to crash.  While we happily haven’t tested the latter, we can report that Craft have produced another great product with the Active Extreme Crewneck and it ticks all our boxes.


When we first unpacked the Craft Active Extreme Crewneck it looked long and quite thin in the body and arms – we actually wondered if it would fit.  We should have known better of course, Craft are much too savvy to fail us on such a basic level and the long thin look is actually a function of weave which results in this base layer hugging the body very close and in fact the fit is just perfect when it's on.  It is this wonderfully close fit, combined with the stretchy, high-tech micro polyester fibres, that works really hard to move moisture away from the body and this base is good for cycling in seriously cold weather, with the right layers over the top of course.


We really like a little extra length in the body of our winter base layers and Craft have been really generous with the Active Extreme Crew, so there was plenty to tuck in and absolutely no danger of any exposure of our lower back when we were wearing this.


As for how lightweight and apparently thin it is, we have to say that this base layer punches way above its weight in terms of keeping us warm.  We are not suggesting you wear the Craft Active Extreme Crewneck it on its own in the middle of Siberia, because that's not what it’s designed for.  The best way to keep warm is to layer up and this makes a really great foundation layer.  We teamed it with a mid-layer on really cold days, but wore it with just a winter jacket in milder weather and both options worked really well – it wicks moisture away effectively and feels great against your skin whilst doing so.  


Craft have done a good job with the neckline as well, which gives a bit of protection to the neck, without feeling restrictive in any way.   In fact, it is really comfortable overall as the ergonomic design means that there is no bunching up under the arms, as some have a tendency to do, and for us this is pretty important on the bike.


As we have come to expect from Craft, the Active Extreme Crewneck is a well-constructed garment, with flatlock seams to make it not only more comfortable but last longer too.  The asymmetric, contrast stitching makes it look that bit different and it is nice to see some effort put into things which aren't often seen.


The Craft Active Extreme Crewneck is a well-designed, lightweight, highly functional base layer, available in a rainbow of wonderful colours, that offers great warmth and wicking abilities in a stylish package.


Sizes:  XS-XXL

Colours: White, Aqumarine, Blossom, Hibiscus Black/platinum

Price: RRP £32 (but we have seen it at £25.28)

Website: Craft Active Extreme Crew

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Performance: 8/10

Value for money: 8/10


Tested by Anna Railton



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