Helly Hansen Women’s Kenosha HT Running Shoe


The Helly Hansen Women’s Kenosha running shoes are made for exploring the trails, but they are equally at home on tarmac as well; lightweight, with excellent cushioning and grip and the added bonus of a truly waterproof upper.


Helly Hansen Women’s Kenosha HT Running Shoe


We were very pleasantly surprised by the Helly Hansen Women’s Kenosha running shoes because our very first impressions were that they were just too pretty to be serious.  How wrong we were!  Yes, there are some crazy colour schemes on offer, as well as some more muted versions too, but these shoes are truly a wolf in sheep’s clothing – the looks are striking, but don’t be distracted by them because the fact is these are genuine performance shoes.


This is the first pair of training shoes that we have tested from Helly Hansen but, our experience of their clothing led us to believe that they would get the upper right and they most certainly did.  This is a really lightweight pair of shoes – our size 6.5 weighed in at just 555g – and the upper incorporates their Helly Tech Performance waterproof membrane, which is properly waterproof – we tested them on trails, wet grass and through shallow puddles – and they stood up to all the tests incredibly well, whilst proving to be breathable at the same time. 


At Bike Envy we tend to think of running as a winter sport, cross training for the bike, and as such we are more likely to choose to go for a run when the weather is bad.  We reckon we are safer on our feet on a really wet or windy day than we are on two wheels, so the waterproof properties of these shoes were really important to us.  In fact we were so impressed, that we did a bit of web research and it seems all the other reviews we could find agreed with us – the Helly Hansen Kenosha running shoe is a shoe that laughs in the face of the elements and begs you to hit the trails, regardless of the weather or ground conditions.


Helly Hansen describes the Kenosha as low profile, which means that there is little difference between the heel and toe height.  This gives them greater stability on uneven surfaces and it is combined with near perfect traction to allow them to be responsive to a change in direction too.


If you’re going to run off road – and why wouldn’t you? – then you will really appreciate the grip and stability offered by the soles of the Kenosha.  They are nicely lugged, but the tread is not overly aggressive.  We found they dealt well with everything from slippery mud, to uneven forest tracks, all without appearing out of place on smooth, hard packed surfaces as well.


Arguably, the cushioning and rebound technology is the most important aspect of any running shoe but we seem to have come to it last.  That is partly because once again Helly Hansen have used a great combination of proven materials, plus their own technology.  With the Kenosha you get an EVA midsole, which is the tried and tested material used in so many quality running shoes these days, but the addition of Helly’s own “C Zone cushioning”, for shock absorption from the heal area, significantly upgrades the feel of these shoes.


Finally it is worth mentioning that while we expected a trail shoe should be able to take some abuse, we were pleasantly surprised by just how well the Kenosha running shoes have survived our testing process – Helly Hansen have clearly built them to last and frankly it would be a crime if they didn’t, as there is always a moment of mourning when we have to consign a loved pair of trainers to the bin…  that said it is worth remembering that off road shoes are usually slightly stiffer than road shoes, so you should allow for a slightly longer breaking in period.


If you fancy some cross training this winter the Helly Hansen Women’s Kenosha HT running shoes are a great choice; lightweight, with excellent cushioning and grip, plus the added bonus of a truly waterproof upper and did we mention the colour choices...!


Sizes: 35-42 Eu or 3-8 UK

Colours: Bordeaux/Azalea/Magen, Magenta/Bright Yellow, Charcoal/Tempting Blue, Black/Mid Grey/Ebony

Price: £90.00

Website: Hellyhansen.com Womens Kenosha HT



Performance: 9/10

Value for money: 9/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre



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