dhb Women's Windslam Roubaix Long Sleeve Jersey


The dhb Women's Windslam Roubaix long sleeve, full zip, wind resistant jersey is made with warm, fleece backed fabric, in a figure skimming design, that is just perfect for winter riding.


dhb Women's Windslam Roubaix Long Sleeve Jersey


If you are looking for cycle clothing that offers excellent value, then the dhb range is always a great place to start and yes we do me “value” – it’s not always cheap, but in our experience, it always offers outstanding value.


At the current sale price of £34.99 (January 2015), it actually could be argued that the dhb Women's Windslam Roubaix long sleeve jersey is indeed cheap – given the fit and features of this jersey, it is a complete steal and since it appears to be built to last, we’ll be getting some good wear out of it this winter and into spring as well.


dhb have used a thick, fleece-backed, windproof fabric for the body and sleeves of this winter jersey and we found the combination both warm and breathable.  The breathability of this jersey is further aided by the use of lighter weight panels up the sides of the body, under the arms and down the length of the sleeves – in other words, you can lose heat from areas that are not exposed to the wind and it all worked rather well for us when we were out on the road and getting muddy on the trails.


In terms of protection from the wind, you get nicely elasticated wrists, which we pulled over our gloves to keep the elements out, and there is a substantial strip of fabric that runs behind the zip to keep the cold air from reaching the core body as well.  The bottom hem is lined with a sticky silicone gripper and this, combined with the slight drop tail, keeps the lower back well protected.


The neck has also been designed for warmth and to keep the wind out.   It stands up a snug 6.5cm at the back and the fabric is double thickness too.  Where it has been joined to the body of the jersey, the seam is covered with dhb tape, a rather nice feature that adds to the comfort and overall “build-quality” of this toasty bit of kit.  The top of the neck is finished with a strip of white fabric, which co-ordinates with the white shoulder flashes and elbow patches, to give a stylish look overall.  The black/white version we tested had a white zip (the grey/fuchsia has a fuchsia zip) and grey side panels, which were rather effective at making us look slimmer – quite an achievement in winter kit!


The fit is described as “performance”, which is less figure hugging than dhb’s “form” fit.  The reality for this jersey is that it follows the figure and is nicely aerodynamic, but it is not tight and we had room for a couple of good layers underneath, without feeling any restriction at all.  At first glance the front is quite short and this was something we were aware of when we wore it off the bike.  On the bike however it is just right and allows for the wearer to bend over the bars without the fabric at the front the jersey bunching up.


There has been no stinting on the pockets in the dhb Women's Windslam Roubaix long sleeve jersey.  You get three deep drop pockets across the back of the jersey, plus a fourth zipped pocket that has a water resistant barrier between the jersey and the wearer to keep valuables away from the sweat you work up.  This pocket is easily generous enough in size to hold a smart phone and other valuables.


You always get some good reflective details from dhb and with the Windslam Roubaix jersey these include a large logo on the front chest area, piping across the top of the zipped pocket and inserts in the side panels at the back.


dhb have called this a jersey, but in many ways it is more of a jacket.  It is a substantial bit of kit that is not warm enough alone on the coldest winter days, but when the temperatures are above freezing (as they have been for so much of this winter), we liked it as an option that was lighter than the full on jackets we have been forced to wear on only a few days this winter.


The dhb Women's Windslam Roubaix long sleeve jersey represents massive value for money.  Where else can you get a nicely fitted, warm, wind resistant jersey for winter riding at this price?


Sizes:  8-16

Colours: Black/white or Grey/fuchsia

Price: RRP £49.99 (but currently on offer £34.99 Jan 2015)

Website: wiggle.co.uk dhb-womens-windslam-roubaix-long-sleeve-jersey


Performance: 8/10

Value for money: 8/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre



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