Gore Base Layer Windstopper Lady Shirt Long


The Gore Windstopper Long Sleeved base layer uses Gore’s amazing windproof fabric to give extra protection to all of the forward facing areas of the body and it is combined with a panel of highly breathable fabric on the back that wicks away moisture to keep you dry.


Gore Base Layer Windstopper Lady Shirt Long


The Gore Windstopper Long Sleeved base layer is the perfect combination of windproof protection and wicking ability, to keep you both warmth and comfortable.  The front of the shirt, wrapping around to cover the kidneys and some of the lower back, plus the forward facing parts of the sleeves are all made from Gore’s amazing Windstopper fabric.  The effect is not to be underestimated because it dramatically reduces the wind chill on the body and means that this base layer delivers exceptional warmth from the highly functional fabrics without needing to be heavy weight to do so.  Where Gore have not used their lovely windproof fabric they have chosen a breathable, woven, light weight option that moves sweat away from the body.  This “thermo-stretch” fabric forms a panel that runs down the centre of the back, it includes a small section at the back of the neck then extends across the shoulders and under the under arms, from the pits all the way to the cuff – essentially the areas of the body that you can lose heat from without the risk of wind chill.


Gore have designed the Ladies Windstopper Long Sleeved base layer to be form fitting, so it sits close to the skin where it can function most effectively at wicking away sweat and it is gloriously ergonomic, so there is no rucking or tugging.  The length is particularly generous at the back to allow for lots of lovely tuck it in too.


We really liked the feel of this base layer next to our skin, but thought it worth mentioning that although the Windstopper sections are stretchy, they do not have the elasticity you would expect from a more traditional base layer made entirely from woven fabric.  Don’t be put off though as there is easily enough stretch in the non-windproof sections to ensure there is absolutely no restriction of movement, plus the protection offered by the windproof panels really has to be experienced and the base has been put together with flatlock seams which keeps the potential for chafing at an absolute minimum.


We’ve been wearing this as the single layer under the Gore Element Windstopper Soft Shell Jacket this winter and these two layers alone have been enough to keep us warm on all but the very coldest days.  We hate layering up because of the restriction of movement that can result, so this combination has been something of a revelation for us.


Great for windy days and cold weather, this base layer really keeps the chill off the body, whilst also working hard to wick away sweat. 


Sizes: XS to XXL

Colours: Black or Light grey/white

Price: £54.99 (but we’ve seen it at £45.49)

Website: goreapparel.co.uk long sleeved windstopper base layer



Performance: 9/10

Value: 8/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre 



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