7mesh Launch Edition Revelation Jacket


7mesh entered the cycling clothing market with a bang in December last year releasing their Launch Edition Revelation Jacket which is truly ergonomic in its design, offers incredible protection and has some interesting features as well.


7mesh Launch Edition Revelation Jacket, truly ergonomic and which offers incredible protection from the elements and top notch breathability


The team at 7mesh,based in Squamish, Canada have set themselves some uncompromising goals including the ambition “to push the boundaries of product performance and raise the bar in design, performance and fit”.  Having had the Revelation jacket on test for three months now we can tell you they are deadly serious about delivering against these goals and with senior management coming from Arc’teryx  (CEO Tyler Jordan was the former CEO of Arc’teryx ), they certainly have the know-how and honestly we can’t wait to see more of what they have to offer.


The guys at 7mesh are all cyclists and they saw that cycling clothing – particularly that on offer to mountain bikers – was nowhere near as good as that on offer in the outdoor apparel market.  So they decided to offer a range that was at least equal in quality to the top end bikes we enjoy riding.  That gave us cause to stop and think and we realised they were absolutely right.  The Hope brakes on my current stead cost £270 – I’ve always valued the ability to stop! – but I have never paid more than £150 for a jacket and yes, they tend to be something of a compromise over the more performance oriented items that are on offer to walkers and climbers, who don’t work up anything like the sweat we do when we are applying ourselves to a climb!


The Launch Edition Revelation Jacket is in fact the first cycling garment ever to be constructed using GORE-TEX® Pro fabric


Given the aspirations for the brand and the experience of the senior guys at 7mesh, the range is going to be something very special indeed and the fact that they have managed to get the very best fabric manufacturers, Gore, on board from day one (they are only the second-ever startup company to achieve this) demonstrates huge confidence from the industry itself.  The Launch Edition Revelation Jacket is in fact the first cycling garment ever to be constructed using GORE-TEX® Pro fabric, which is the pinnacle of GORE-TEX®technology .


There are many things that make GORE-TEX® Pro unique but let’s keep it simple; it is a lightweight three layer fabric that is not only windproof, waterproof and exceptionally breathable, it is extremely rugged as well and quite frankly there is nothing more that we could ask for.  


There are a small number of very dedicated testers out there who have had the chance to test the 7mesh Revelation jacket and we are aware that some of them have even thrown themselves off their bikes in order to test the ruggedness.  To a man they have all reported that they have been incredibly impressed by the fact that the jacket has come off unscathed (not always so their bodies!).  We’ll be honest, we didn’t go quite that far but we did treat the jacket with a little less than the respect it deserves and noticed that normal wear and tear, including screwing it up tight and stuffing it into a back pocket, contact with branches and putting it though a number of wash cycles have not left a mark on it – as far as we are concerned, 7mesh have not oversold the toughness of this jacket by any means.


the 7mesh Revelation jacket is a glorious presentation of the truly remarkable GORE-TEX® Pro fabric


So there is no question that the 7mesh Revelation jacket is a glorious presentation of the truly remarkable GORE-TEX® Pro fabric and this, for us, sets the standard by which the rest of this jacket is judged.  When we were testing this jacket we looked at it with extremely critical eyes, after all 7mesh have told us they want to change our cycling world for the better and with such lofty ambitions they are setting themselves up for scrutiny.  However, the closer we looked the more we had to accept that our expectations had been met and even at times exceeded.  The detail is truly exquisite.  Taped seams to preserve the waterproofness of the jacket might be expected, but the vents added to both the forearm and side of this jacket go the extra mile.  These zips are perfectly placed to allow for ventilation and do a great job of cooling you down when you’re climbing.  All the zips are also highly water resistant (in fact we found they kept water out even when the rain was so heavy we might have been standing in a shower) and each one has a zip pull that makes it easy to grab, so they can be adjusted whilst on the move.  Again, perhaps as expected, the main zip has a wind guard behind it and this worked really well to keep out cold air and rain.


The design and cut of this jacket is for us one of the greatest triumphs.  It is in fact so totally ergonomic for the cycling body that off the bike, if you stand up very straight and pull your shoulders back in an exaggerated way, you can feel a slight tug over the top of the pecs.  On the bike however, it is completely perfect and all of this has been achieved with a slim fit that, so although it has room for a good thick winter base, there is absolutely nothing flaps about when you get some speed on.


7mesh have once again done the basics exceptionally well in getting the length of the jacket just right.  What we found that the slightly dropped tail kept our lower back well covered, whilst there was no rucking or bunching of fabric at the front when we were leaning over the bars.  And the hem has an elasticated drawstring that means you can seal yourself up against the elements or loosen the fit as the weather allows.


The sleeves are generous in length and the cuffs, which have a reflective tab for a little extra visibility, can be adjusted with a Velcro strap at the wrist.  The neck is high enough to give the right amount of protection and it is lined with a soft material for comfort and it incorporates a little port for the zip to tuck into to avoid chafing – they really have thought of everything.


7mesh Revolution Jacket One of the unique features is a removable hood that is designed to fit under your cycling helmet and does so without compromising vision


One of the unique features is a removable hood that is designed to fit under your cycling helmet and does so without compromising vision.  Before we tried it we have to admit to being a little unsure about this as a concept, but like everything else 7mesh have done with this Revelation jacket, they have done it so well that when you are riding in the sort of weather that demands a hood you completely love it and wonder how you ever managed without it before.  No rain down the back of your neck and your ears are wonderfully protected too.  The fit of the hood is customised by means of an elasticated draw string at the base of the skull and 7mesh have even included a strip of soft fabric that sits across your brow for comfort and to protect against unsightly lines.


7mesh have provided two slim hand pockets in the Revelation jacket, just big enough to hold essentials like a phone, keys and cash.  There are in our opinion a lot of features for a jacket that weighs just 270g and although the price is steep at £339 you are getting a jacket that will perform better than anything else we have tested – ever – and, according to our findings, will last and last.  You really do get what you pay for and yes, that is a lot of truly awesome jacket for your money!


We think the 7mesh Revelation jacket will cause you to take a critical look at all your other cycling jackets and you may find they come up short.  This jacket looks amazing and the performance is truly exceptional – the waterproofness and breathability are on a whole new level and there are some neat features as well.  So if you think you’re worth it, we don’t think you will regret the investment.  

The Revelation jacket will open your eyes to a whole new world of performance clothing.


Sizes: XS-Large

Colours: Goldstone & Black

Price: RRP £339.00

Website: www.7meshinc.com


Performance: 10/10 (we thought about awarding 11!)

Value for money: 9/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre



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