dhb Women's Aeron Pro Halterneck Bib Short


With dhb Women's Aeron Pro Halterneck bib short you can have it all!  You get the comfort of a top end bib short plus the ability to attend to “pit-stops” quickly and easily, with the simplest and safest system we have tried.


dhb Women's Aeron Pro Halterneck Bib Short



Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest.  The age old problem in question here is how long it takes to attend to a toilet break when wearing bib shorts, especially in winter.  It’s gloves off, jacket off, jersey off and then eventually you get to your shorts.  It’s no wonder so many women simply choose a non-bib option but the truth is they never fit as well, tend not to stay quite so perfectly in place and often cut in on the waist as well.  Overall it is a compromise – comfort and performance or convenience – and we don’t like compromises.


There are a number of zipped systems out there and we have always thought that Gore’s (tested most recently here) was the best of these by some margin, but now that we have dhb’s answer we can’t help wondering if they are all a little over engineered.  The dhb Women's Aeron Pro Halterneck bib short simply has a super stretchy halterneck that allows you to pull the shorts down to attend to a call of nature with the halterneck still in place but without any faffing at all - how unbelievably quick and easy is that?! 


There were two questions that immediately come to mind and the first was, if the halterneck is stretchy enough to allow the back of the shorts to be pulled down, would they stay in place while we were riding?  That one was quickly dispatched – the cut and fit of these shorts is so good that there is no question that they will move at all and the halterneck actually does a great job of providing all the support required to give a full on bib feel, without the need for over the shoulder straps.


The next question then was whether the halterneck strap would put pressure or strain on the back of the neck but of course dhb have thought about that too.  The strap is 2.5 cm wide at the point where it passes behind the neck – wide enough to spread the load so to speak – and we found it easily elastic enough to allow the shorts to be pulled down to the required level and then once we were on the bike, we were surprised to find that we weren’t particularly aware of it at all.


Whilst the halterneck arrangement is the big news with these bib shorts, you cannot overlook the fact that the shorts themselves are very well put together.  Let’s start with the pad which in these shorts is exceptional.  To be fair we have had the pleasure of testing a number of shorts and tights from the dhb range over the past few years and so we can say with confidence that they continue to feel great after hours and hours in the saddle and many wash cycles too.  In particular we like that they offer great protection without being too bulky.  The “CyTech Elastic Interface Tour Air chamois” in the dhb Women's Aeron Pro Halterneck bib shorts is the top of the range so it came with high expectations, but we were not disappointed as it has kept us comfortable on some long and increasingly intensive sessions on the bike and we think we will be wearing it long after the testing process is finished.


With the dhb Women's Aeron Pro Halterneck bib short there is no compromise with the choice of fabrics either.  The “Field Sensor” material dhb have chosen offers compression benefits as well as being highly breathable.  There is no denying that we loved the feel of these shorts when they were on, the compression fit feel fabulous and we had no complaints about the ability to wick away our hard earned sweat either.


The legs are the perfect length – not too short and not too long – and they end with a wide (4.5cm) band of elastic, which also has dots of silicone for extra stability.  Our tester has been working hard in the gym over the winter and her quads are not to be underestimated (at least that’s what she tells us!) but she reported that the fit was both comfortable and secure, with no hint of a muffin top. 


Apparently the Wiggle Honda Pro Cycling team have been wearing these shorts for a few months now and given the miles they do, we doubt they would compromise too, but it was great to have the opportunity to decide for ourselves.


The bottom line is that the dhb Women's Aeron Pro Halterneck bib shorts are really well constructed.  The headline might be all about the halterneck and how it affords us with a great solution to the traditional faff factor that comes with the need to take a toilet breaks whilst cycling, but the overall fit, the performance fabric, top end pad and wide leg grippers all add up to a bib short that we will be grabbing even when there is little or no chance that we need to take a “bio-break” because these are a great pair of shorts in their own right.


Sizes: 8-10

Colour: black with white leg ends            

RRP: £64.99

Website: www.wiggle.co.uk


Performance: 9/10

Value for money: 8/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre



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