WESTLAB Epsom Salts


We put our bodies on the line to test the restorative effects of WESTLAB Epsom Salts bathing, with its promise to help ease aches and pains, speed up recovery from hard training as well as a host of other benefits.


WESTLAB Epsom Salts


When we test a product we really put it through its paces.  So if it is a garment says it is waterproof or windproof we seek out the wettest windiest days, if is supposed to be good for training in temperatures down to say -5 or for rides over 3 hours then that’s exactly what we seek out – we take the process very seriously.  So imagine our delight when WESTLAB asked us if we would like to test some of their Epsom Salts to soothe our tired muscles after training.  You can probably picture the frenzy of paper, rock, scissors that broke out to see who would get this assignment!


WESTLAB Epsom Salts are 100% pure magnesium sulphate and the healing properties of these amazing salts dates back to the early 17th century, when a farmer living near Epsom, Surrey, discovered a spring rich in magnesium sulphate.  Shortly afterwards people were flocking to the springs to “take the water”.  Fast forward to today and production is global with Epsom Salts being widely used in medicine, agriculture and the beauty industry.


The restorative effects of WESTLAB Epsom Salts are backed up by years of research that shows when you immerse your body in an Epsom Salts bath, magnesium and sulphate are absorbed through the skin.  At the same time as the goodness soaks in, toxins and excess fluids are drawn out through skin as a result of a process called reverse osmosis.  Apparently 20 minutes is all you need, but we stayed in the bath for 30 just to be sure!


Apparently most of us consume less magnesium than we should, which means that we are deficient in this vital mineral which aids in muscle control, energy production and helps regulate the activity of more than 300 enzymes in the body.  Sulphate on the other hand is essential for many biological processes including flushing out toxins and helping form proteins in joints, brain tissue and mucin proteins.  Happily Epsom Salts bathing is a tried and tested method for raising levels of magnesium and sulphate in the body which acts to sedate the nervous system, reduce swelling, relax muscles and it is a natural emollient, exfoliator, and much more.


We used 500g of WESTLAB Epsom Salts in a bath that was probably a little hotter than the recommended 37-39°C because that’s the way we like it.  The salt dissolved very quickly and interestingly left no residue around the rim of the bath.  The instruction to “relax and soak” was taken very seriously and we had enough to do this twice in one week – what a luxury!


Both times we emerged gloriously relaxed and with our aches and pains significantly dialled back.  The unexpected bonus was the deep restorative sleep that followed and by morning we were good to train hard all over again.  It really is all good, there is no downside and it is such a pleasant way to boost health and reduce the muscular pain that is an almost everyday consequence of the training we are doing now.


It seems like there are 101 uses for Epsom Salts, check out this list that WESTLAB have put together:


  1. Sports reliever – Use after sport, exercise and massage to detox muscles with a daily bath of 500g to 1kg of Epsom Salt
  2. Beat the bloat, slimming and Detox – add 500g of Epsom Salt to your bath and relax for 20 minutes for a streamlined stomach and easing constipation
  3. Pedicure – soak feet in 200g of Epsom Salt with warm soapy water for super smooth feet
  4. Hair Volumiser – mix equal quantities of Epsom Salt and conditioner and leave on for 15 minutes
  5. Facial Cleansing– mix half a teaspoon of Epsom Salt with cleansing cream and gently massage onto the skin before rinsing off, for deep pore cleansing
  6. Body Exfoliator – mix a handful of Epsom Salt with an equal quantity of body oil and rub gently over the body to smooth skin before showering off
  7. Relaxation and general health – simply add 100g of Epsom Salt to your bath for a relaxing soak.  Repeat 3 times a week for general wellbeing


In our opinion WESTLAB Epsom Salts are a bathroom essential that you should never be without.  A completely natural and very effective solution to muscular aches and pains and so very much more besides – yes you’re definitely worth it!


Sizes: 500g, 1kg and 2kg

Price: £3.65 for 500g

Weblink: westlab.co.uk


Available from westlab.co.uk and health stores nationwide, including BOOTS and Tesco Nutricentres


Performance: 9/10

Value for money: 9/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre



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