Tracy Moseley


Tracy Moseley, the Malvern based downhill mountain biker has been a successful competitor in down-hill and now Enduro for an incredible 20 years.  She won her first junior national title in 1995, and she upgraded to an elite title in 1997, the same year that she first represented GB.  She has won numerous World Cup events, taken one World Cup Series, been British Downhill National Champion six times, and in 2010 took her first world title.


We speak to her about her extraordinary career, her consistency and women’s racing in general.


Tracy Moseley World Champion


BE:   You’ve been incredibly consistent in competition for almost 20 years now, given how physically demanding the sport is and the injuries you have had to deal with (particularly with the downhill), how have you managed to stay on top? 


TM: Having a good team of people around me the whole time has helped.  Good sponsors, good equipment, a supporting family and in recent years a boyfriend too.  I also have had regular sports massage for the last 15 years and regular osteopathy too.  When I have had injuries, I have done my rehab and then allowed time to heal and my body time to recover.



BE: Who are you racing for in 2015 and what are you goals? 


TM: I’ll be racing the Enduro World Series, alongside a few UK enduros, XC races and Transprovence.  I hope to have another good season at the Enduro World Series races but I will also take part in a few different events along the way, where the format is a little more like the original enduro format, with less practice and bigger, more adventure days out in the mountains.


I’m riding for Trek Factory Enduro team, which is supported by Bontrager, Fox Suspension and Shimano.  I also have some personal sponsors including Maloja clothing, Sweet Protection helmets, G-Form protection, Osprey packs and luggage, Deity Handlebars, stems and grips, CNP nutrition, Oakley, Shimano shoes, Enduroguard mudguard.



BE:  And who is your main competition now?


TM: I’ll be racing everyone who enters the same race as me!  At the Enduro World Series races I think I will be battling it out with Anne Caroline Chausson again this year.  We both had a great season last year and I imagine things will be similar, with a few challenges from Cecile Ravanel and Anneke Beerten too.  


Tracy Moseley in action



BE: How has women’s racing changed since you started? 


TM: Women’s racing has changed a lot over the years, the standard of women’s skills, strength and fitness has improved and so have the opportunities with female specific products.  We also have more options for colours and styles in things like Osprey packs and female specific clothing and kit too, so we don’t have to be drowned in men’s kit and clothing that doesn’t fit us! 


The prize money is not always equal but things are improving in that area, as are the number of women taking part.  As soon as we have more women racing, the better the level of racing will be, the more exciting the racing will be to watch and the easier it will be for equal prize money and sponsorship opportunities.  We need more women to take part to help grow the sport and the support for women in our sport.



BE: You have been lucky enough to travel round the world with your racing, what is your favourite place to race and why?


TM: I love New Zealand; the terrain, the people and the general outdoor style of life is something I love about NZ.  The people are so welcoming and down to earth too, it’s a great country.



BE: Other than on bike training what else do you do?  And what are your most favourite and most dreaded sessions?


TM: I do Pilates, a little running and some yoga too.  I enjoy most aspects of my training these days, but a hard interval session is never much fun!



BE: With whom and how do you celebrate your success?


TM: I am normally with my team Trek and my boyfriend James.  Often the best way for me to celebrate is to have some good food, a good laugh and then get to bed early as I’m always tired after a tough race.


Tracy Moseley in flight



BE: Who has inspired you to achieve at the level you do? 


TM: I actually don’t really know, I have never really had any idols that I looked up to or wanted to be like.  I am just a driven person and have always wanted to achieve the most I could and be the best I could be.


I have always loved all sports and I love watching big sporting events like the Olympics.  In particular, seeing any British person stand on top of the podium is great and listening to the national anthem – I have always wanted that to be me!


BE: How did you get into cycling and what advice would you give to a recreational female cyclist who wanted to get into competitive cycling (cross country, enduro or downhill)? 


TM: I grew up riding a bike as a kid on a farm and it was my brother that really encouraged me to start racing.  So I think for anyone starting out and wanting to get into racing, having someone who can help you and encourage you makes a big difference.  If you don’t have an older sibling or partner then join up with your local cycling club or local cycling group and get out riding with people and the friendships you will make through cycling are amazing… you will be hooked I promise you!


Thank you Tracy and we wish you all the very best for the 2015 season.  You can follow Tracy here



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