dhb Women\'s Aeron Pro Bib


dhb Women's Aeron Pro Bib Short offers great comfort and top of the range fit, using quality fabrics that offer compression benefits and they are put together with an attention to detail that is way beyond expectation based on the price tag.


dhb Women's Aeron Pro Bib


We’re loving every moment of riding in shorts this summer, it felt like it was a long time coming but it is definitely here now and to celebrate, we have been testing the dhb Women's Aeron Pro Bib for a few weeks.


First impressions were all good, they look really classy with the single band of colour around the bottom of the leg, in either white or fuchsia, (although there is an all-black version if that does not work with your wardrobe) and the “performance” fit feels a second skin, a feeling that is heightened by the mild compression fit of the garment.  The compression benefits are a result of the use of dhb’s “field sensor” performance fabric which also works really hard to draw moisture away from the body to keep you cool and dry.  (If you want to know more about compression clothing check out our guide here).


On the bike we found these shorts performed exceptionally well.  We are now very familiar with the CyTech “Elastic Interface Tour Air chamois” dhb have put into these shorts because we have had the pleasure of testing it in a number of other items.  So it is with complete confidence that we can say it feels great after many hours in the saddle and crucially it maintains its protective properties despite repeated washing too.  It would be easy to be fooled by this pad because it offers great protection without being too bulky, on top of that it is stretchy to allow for movement and highly breathable as well.


The cut and fit of the abdominal section of the dhb Women's Aeron Pro Bib is designed to actively support the core area – that does not mean you can cut out the core strength work but in a world of marginal gains, we appreciate anything that improves performance.  The perhaps unintended consequence of the design of the core area is that they are little more flattering than most cycling shorts and we love that!


dhb Women's Aeron Pro Bib


With the women's Aeron Pro Bib dhb have even lavished attention on the braces which are made from a mesh fabric containing carbon fibre.  This helps to regulate body temperature and they are beautifully finished with dhb branded binding.  Throughout the garment, dhb have used flatlock seams, and the shorts – which are the perfect length at 26 cm/ 10 inches – are held in place with dots of silicone gripper around the bottom of the leg and the result is that they stay perfectly in place without you feeling like your quads are in a death grip.


We were wondering whether sponsorship of the Wiggle-Honda women’s pro-team had given dhb the incentive to step up their game but thinking back on the kit we have tested in the past, it is only fair to say the dhb brand has always offered performance way beyond any expectations you might have had based on the price tag and these shorts are no exception.


For us the dhb Women's Aeron Pro bib shorts are a great choice for anyone who takes their cycling seriously.  At £64.99 they offer exceptional comfort and great fit, add in the performance fabric, compression benefits, top end pad and wide leg grippers, and you have a bib short that will serve you well for miles and miles.


Sizes: 8-16

Colour: black, black/white, black/fuchsia

RRP: £65.00

Website: www.wiggle.co.uk Aeron Pro Bib  


Performance: 9/10

Value for money: 9/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre



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