Gore GORE-TEX® Active Lady Jacket

The Gore Element GORE-TEX® Active Lady Jacket is a lightweight and versatile garment that oozes style and keeps you dry in heaviest of British downpours.


A versatile lightweight jacket that redefines our expectations by offering unparalleled protection from wind and rain, in a very stylish way


The Gore Element GORE-TEX® Active Lady Jacket comes in a range of colours including some seriously high viz options alongside regulation black as well.  We are big advocates of wearing bright kit on the bike and the jazzy pink/blaze orange option that we tested certainly ticked that box, bright and visible but stylish as well.


Gore has included small reflective flashes on the sleeves and there are reflective inserts on the shoulders and across the black as well, but it is not excessive.  The reflective trim and zip toggles are interwoven with silver thread which showed real attention to detail and added a touch of femininity without going overboard; spot on Gore!  


The cut of the Gore Element GORE-TEX® Active Lady jacket is very female friendly, something we have come to expect from Gore.  It allows for a bust and a female waist with extra length at the rear which provides great lower back protection too.  Overall we found it was roomy enough to wear over a base layer and a jersey and there was no restriction of our movement in any position on the bike – a properly ergonomic design that works well in practice and the options for layers mean this is a genuine multi-season top layer.


Gore have included a number of practical features including a full length zip at the front, which has a wind flap behind it but clearly it has been carefully designed to avoid that annoying “zip catching on liner flap and becoming jammed half way up or down” syndrome that we hate so much!  The two front pockets are quite a novelty for a cycling jacket, it is more usual to reach for food or kit in rear pockets, but we quickly got used to them and actually found them handy for storing small items that could then be accessed really easily and quickly.  Certainly for anyone in a more upright position, on a mountain bike or hybrid for example, these pockets would be ideal.  In a more aggressive position these pockets might become a bit compressed and would need to be used more sparingly.


It is worth mentioning that during our lengthy test this jacket was worn on a multiday tour, so it was used off the bike a lot and then the front pockets were then invaluable and we liked that both pockets and the front zips had a cord and soft plastic toggle that made them easy to find and use, even when riding.


The overall design of the Gore Element GORE-TEX® Active Lady jacket makes it an extremely versatile bit of kit.  Whilst it is certainly not essential that cycling kit be wearable off the bike, this jacket does not look like a piece of bike clothing.  It is therefore perfect as a waterproof jacket to slip on after a gym session, for walking, running, or simply as a lightweight casual jacket and that extends it use considerably. Gore score serious points on the versatility front with this jacket!


A seemingly trivial feature but, in our opinion, one that is often lacking in cycling gear is a tab to allow the jacket to be hung off a hook; Gore have not let us down though and so this jacket can be hung up with your regular coats if you wish. The cuffs were partially elasticated and featured a Velcro tab to enable further tightening if required, which is ideal for tightening over gloves in cold or wet conditions.  And another nice touch is that the collar is lined with a soft material and it has sufficient height to effectively eliminate chill, whilst never irritating the neck.


Now to performance: the most important element of any garment.  We know that Gore apparel is always excellent so we decided the first wearing of the Gore Element GORE-TEX® Active Lady jacket would be on a four day tour in this country and on one of these days it was necessary to ride in a deluge that lasted for six hours – yes, really!  OK so it started off as light drizzle and we found the jacket delivered what it claimed as we remained completely dry. We were cycling, not hard but we weren’t hanging about either and so we were really impressed to note that we did not start to overheat or build up any sweaty dampness which can lead to a chilling effect.  Then, in true British style, it began to pour down producing further wheel spray and ‘car showers’ (heavy at times depending upon the driver and volume of standing water!).  Our tester (who is made of stern stuff) rode in these conditions for four hours and reported that she remained dry throughout.  Even when the effort was increased in an attempt to reach the destination quickly there was no excessive accumulation of sweat – clearly the breathability promised by Gore functions superbly.


Gore GORE-TEX® Active Lady Jacket


When the rain eventually stopped we left the jacket on and found that it dried out very quickly. Impressively, when we eventually took it off we did not feel that cold rush that is so often the case when removing windproof/waterproof layers – we simply could not fault it, the Gore Element GORE-TEX® Active Lady jacket was getting a huge thumbs up!  An hour later we were forced to don the jacket again as the rain returned and it performed to the same high standards for the second time in a single day.


When we gratefully reached our destination for the night we found the dirt that had gathered on the jacket was easily rinsed off in the shower and by the following day it was like new; which was lucky really because rain was on the menu again that afternoon and when we had finished riding for the day we happily pulled the jacket on to keep warm while taking a ferry over to the Isle of Wight, it wasn’t raining at this point but the jacket did a great job of protecting us from the wind chill.


Since the initial test we have found the Gore Element GORE-TEX® Active Lady jacket has continued to perform to the highest of standards every time we have worn it and in keeping with other items from Gore that we have tested, it is clearly built to last, because we have given it some serious abuse and it still looks like new.


It is easy to look at the price and consider cheaper alternatives but if staying dry is important to you then you will be happy you made the investment in the Gore Element GORE-TEX® Active Lady Jacket.  We are convinced it is an essential piece of kit for any recreational or touring cyclist and that it is stylish as well is an added advantage and remember this jacket works equally well off the bike too.


Sizes: XS-XXL

Colours: neon yellow/white, fresh green/neon yellow, black, jazzy pink/blaze orange, blizzard blue/brilliant blue

Price: RRP £159.99

Weblink: : www.goreapparel.co.uk ELEMENT-GORE-TEX Active Lady Jacket


Performance Rating: 10/10

Value for Money: 9.5/10


Tested by Emma Silversides



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