Gore Element Lady Love Camo Jersey


The Gore Element Lady Love Camo Jersey is a slim fit, lightweight, short sleeved jersey with a unique design based on love hearts and camouflage – now that is different!


A slim fit, lightweight, short sleeved jersey with fabulously a unique design based on love hearts and camouflage


OK let’s great straight to it, the design of the Gore Element Lady Love Camo Jersey might not appeal to everyone; it is a love it or hate it thing (we call it a Marmite Moment) but for us that makes it rather special – we love to make a statement with our kit and when it comes from Gore you can be confident that there is no compromise on the performance either.


The design is a feminine take on camouflage and based on heart shapes in either pink shades, blue or grey and we guarantee you will draw some admiring comments when you wear it.  Even those that don’t like it will be forced to comment and as Oscar Wide put it, “there is only one thing worse than being talked about and that is not being talked about!”.  The grey tones we tested had a contrasting bright pink collar trim and a single pink heart under the logo on the front chest – just enough to lift the overall design without going overboard. 


Clearly if you are an advocate of the “be safe, be seen” ethos you might want to choose one of the brighter colour options, but all of them come with reflective piping along the top edge of the outer pockets, as well as a reflective logo.


The Gore Element Lady Love Camo jersey is described as ‘slim fit’ and we found it snug around the chest, with good length in the body.  Unlike some Gore jerseys that we have tested, this one was more roomy in the body – a slightly more relaxed fit if you like – and we think it might be worth trying a smaller size if you like your jerseys with a more “performance fit”.  On the plus side the length, combined with the elasticated gripper on the hem, meant that it never rode up to expose the lower back, something that really upsets us when it happens.


Gore has done really well with the design of the collar, it is high at the back but perfectly tapered to the front and when it was done up it was a close fit, without any restrictions – good job Gore.


The side panels are plain with a Gore Bike Wear logo running up them, which has become something of a trademark with Gore jerseys and it can produce a wonderfully slimming effect.  We raved about the effect of these side panels when reviewing the Gore SE Power Jersey here and whilst it is not quite as powerful with the Love Camo jersey , it still works for us and we liked the way it looked on.


Never being ones to skimp on the detail, Gore have included a high quality full length zip in the Element Lady Love Camo Jersey which functioned very smoothly for us and there was never an issue with the wind flap that sits behind the zip getting trapped.  It was also easy to adjust whilst on the move, thanks to an easy grip toggle, and when it was partially open, the wind flap is exposed – a nice feature because it is in a contrasting pink colour that matches the trim of the collar. The zip even boasts a semi-lock slider which works well too.


There are three pockets on the back, with the deep middle pocket giving lots of really secure storage space.  However we did find it a bit awkward to access while riding because it is placed quite high on the back.  As a result we tended to stow kit in this pocket that hoped we would not need to get to during a ride, like a spare tube, our phone and money.  And on the plus side, we took great comfort with the very secure feel this pocket gave to the bits we packed into it.  We then used the two outer pockets, which are cleverly tapered down to the side, making them easier to access, for things we needed to grab on the move, like food or a gilet for example. 


The Gore Element Lady Love Camo jersey felt soft to touch and comfortable against the skin. Even after several washes it has maintained this softness and still looks like new.  It excelled when riding in hot weather and when we wore it without an undervest it provided first rate ventilation.  We have extended the use into autumn by combining it with a base layer and in slightly cooler conditions we felt the chill reducing benefit of the high collar.


The Gore Element Lady Love Camo jersey is a high tech and stylish piece that comes in a truly unique design that will definitely get people talking.  The only note of caution is the fit, which we suggest you try on a couple of sizes before buying.


Sizes: XS-XXL

Colours: Jazzy pink/coral red, waterfall/ice blue, graphite grey/black

Price: RRP £59.99

Weblink: Gore Element Lady Love Camo Jersey


Performance Rating: 8/10

Value for money: 8/10


Tested by Emma Silversides



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