Outeredge M470 Glove


The Outeredge M470 gloves are lightweight and aesthetically pleasing long fingered gloves, which we have found perfect for autumn riding.


Outeredge M470 Glove


Outeredge have done a great job with the fit, which is spot-on around the fingers, knuckles and fist.  Overall we found the cut allowed for unrestricted and comfortable movement on the bike.  Our only observation was that there is perhaps a little too much material over at the top of the hand, however this did not affect the performance in any way.  In fact we thought any negative was outweighed by the lack of Velcro adjusters that so many manufacturers use to keep the fit around the wrist snug.  In our experience these Velcro adjusters can catch and cause wear in other garments and they can make putting on, and taking gloves off, rather more awkward when in motion – there were no such issues with the M470’s.


The palms of the Outeredge M470 gloves were good and tough, and critically they gave excellent grip on the bars.  And despite there being no padding in the gloves, they felt great when riding.  The silicon Outeredge logo acts as a gripper on the index and middle finger, and this meant we had a good positive feel when changing gear and breaking, even in wet conditions.  We were also impressed that the smart phone compatible fingertip was indeed smart phone compatible, even after several washes!



The Outeredge M470 long fingered gloves have an understated yet stylish aqua blue and black design with two silicon flashes on the outside edge of the glove. The palm panels are in two different shades of grey; perfect for hiding the dirt!  And they washed well too, so we were also able to get rid of any dirt we picked up on the blue bits.  These gloves look like they will stand the test of time too, with the area between the thumb and forefinger beng nicely reinforced.  Typically this is where cycling gloves wear first and so this is an essential feature.


The first wear saw these gloves live through a prolonged spell of rain. They provided little protection from the wet – they don’t claim to be gloves for these conditions – but it is worth mentioning that one of the advantages of their lightweight nature is that they dry out extremely quickly if they do become damp.


It is in cool, dry weather that the Outeredge M470 gloves come into their own.  The ventilation is outstanding; anything between about 10 and 15 degrees and they kept the hands toasty warm without any sign of overheating that might have led to sweating.  If there was any sweating we certainly didn’t feel it, which is testament to the gloves breathability.  For an early morning commute these gloves are ideal, or any time when a full winter glove is too much but a short fingered mitt is not enough.


The super lightweight nature of the Outeredge M470 gloves meant that they could be easily removed while riding and stowed in a back pocket, where they hardly took up any room.  We liked that they could be used off the bike, as a functional glove for walking or running too, especially remembering how good the smart phone fingertip is.  And with all that for just £17.90 these represent great value for money.


The Outeredge M470 gloves are great fitting, well ventilated and versatile gloves that are ideal for use on or off the bike in cool, dry conditions, with a smart phone fingertip that will stand the test of time.


Sizes: XS-L

Colours: Black/khaki, Black/blue

Price: RRP £17.90

Weblink: todayscyclist.co.uk outeredge m470-glove


Performance Rating: 8/10

Value for money: 7/10


Tested by Emma Silversides



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