Helly Hansen Aspire Solli Jacket


We have been rather excited by the Helly Hansen Aspire Solli jacket – and that’s quite rare for us – but we love it when we think we’ve seen it all and then we’re proved wrong.  The truth is the Aspire Solli jacket is such an incredibly versatile and stylish bit of kit that it rather took us by surprise.


Helly Hansen Aspire Solli Jacket


We have been wearing the Helly Hansen Aspire Solli jacket on and off the bike as the weather has been getting cooler and we don’t think we are ever going to manage without it.  It is billed as a jacket for all seasons and we can see why, because it combines excellent breathability with wind protection, in a lightweight, water repellent, quick drying fabric that has made us rethink some of our previous expectations.


We make no secret that our favourite kit looks good both on and off the bike and the Helly Hansen Aspire Solli Jacket got a huge tick in that box for that.  Its first wear was on a cycling holiday and meeting airline weight restrictions is always a challenge when travelling with a bike.  So everything we packed needed to be lightweight and preferably multi use too.   When the moment came to decide which of the kit that we had laid out to pack would actually make the cut, the Solli Jacket was 100% safe.  It turned out to be a good decision because we wore, or carried it every day on the bike and also when visiting the local market and on sightseeing trips as well. 


One of the reasons the Helly Hansen Solli Jacket is so versatile is that it is wonderfully feminine and with stretch panels under the arms (to give extra ventilation), Helly Hansen has delivered a beautifully figure skimming cut without any restriction of movement and this meant it was easily stylish and colourful enough to wear off the bike. 


When we got out on the bike we found the wind protection was excellent and it punched well above its weight in terms of keeping us warm, despite its incredibly lightweight feel.  Light showers were handled very well by this jacket, with water beading and running off rather pleasingly.  It does not claim to provide protection from a full on downpour but in our experience it laughs in the face of drizzle and dries very quickly if you do encounter anything more than that.


Helly Hansen have upgraded the warmth of the Aspire Solli Jacket with elasticated cuffs, which keeps the wind out very effectively and there is a draw-cord around the bottom if you really want to seal yourself up against the elements.  We didn’t bother with that as the cut was so perfect we felt we didn’t need to and the weather was relatively mild, but in cold conditions it would certainly come in handy.


The Aspire Solli jacket is really easy to get on and off thanks to the full length zipper – particularly handy if you are wearing a helmet and don’t want to take that off – and there are two useful and secure zipped pockets on the hips.  The collar stands up to give protection to the neck and thoughtfully Helly Hansen have lined this with a soft fabric that gives a wonderfully comfortable feel.


The Helly Hansen Aspire Solli jacket is gorgeously flattering and redefines our expectations of versatility.  This really is an all year round training jacket for cycling, running or anytime you want protection from the elements in a lightweight, high tech, performance top.


Sizes: XS – XL

Colour: Pink Glow

Price: £80.00

Website:  hellyhansen.com Aspire Solli Jacket


Performance: 9/10         

Value for money: 9/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre



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