Gore Phantom 2.0 Windstopper Soft Shell Jacket


The Gore Phantom 2.0 Windstopper Soft Shell Jacket, plus a jersey and vest all in one stylish package and using Gore’s amazing Windstopper technology it is very hard to beat.


Gore Phantom 2.0 Windstopper Soft Shell Jacket


If you are looking at getting the biggest bang for your buck on a new piece of cycling kit this winter, then the Gore Phantom 2.0 Windstopper Soft Shell Jacket is worth a second look.  In fact we would go as far as saying it is worth giving up all sorts of things for if that is the only way you can afford it, because it is more than just another jacket.


The Gore Phantom is an amazing soft shell, long sleeved jacket that quickly coverts to a short sleeved jersey and gilet combined, and it comes in a glorious range of colour options and sizes from XS to XXL.  For us it was love at first wearing; we thought it looked great on and the performance on the bike was as expected but let’s be clear we had very very high expectations!


We think Gore’s Windstopper fabric is hard amazing, it gives total protection from the wind and is water resistant too, while still allowing for moisture to be wicked away from the body and it is quick to dry if it does get wet.  Given how this winter is turning out, if you are serious about riding your bike on the road, you’re really going to need a jacket like this. 


If you are not familiar with Windstopper fabric from Gore, you will be surprised by how lightweight it is and also by the elasticity it has, which means it can be designed to be flattering to the figure without any restriction of movement, something Gore seem to get right every time with their women’s range of kit.  All of this has the added advantage that, with the fabric relatively close to the body, the wicking abilities work better too.


But there is more to the Phantom than just the Windstopper fabric that makes this jacket a real show stopper because the long sleeves zip off to reveal a short sleeved jersey and gilet combined.  By that we mean, if you remove the long sleeves you reveal lightweight short sleeves (like those of a jersey) while you still enjoy the full windstopper effect of a gilet.  We think that is very clever indeed and guarantees this jacket will see action in at least three of the four seasons, either with the sleeves on, partially unzipped to allow for some extra venting, or with the sleeves fully removed to wear as a gilet.


The Gore Phantom 2.0 Windstopper Soft Shell Jacket has a full length zip with a substantial wind flap behind it to keep the chill off your torso.  The zip itself is in a contrast colour and it is a mark of the attention to detail that Gore have also piped this wind flap (which is almost invisible when the jacket is on) in the same contrasting colour.  The back centre panel is also in a contrasting colour and the effect is very flattering.


The thoughtful people at Gore have included three good sized and wonderfully deep pockets across the back – plenty of room to stow the arms if you have removed them, as well as other essentials.


The collar stands up enough to provide good protection to the neck and when the zip is fully done up, the fit is perfectly snug without being restrictive.  There are plenty of reflective details as well, including flashes on the back, arms, wrists, shoulders and the logo on the chest.  Taken together these all add up to making a significant difference to being seen better in the dark.


The Gore Phantom 2.0 Windstopper Soft Shell Jacket is a jacket that we have been returning to time and time again because it is so incredibly versatile.  It looks and feels great on and is going to be useful during all but the summer months and they seem a long way off for now!


Sizes: XS – XXL

Colour: Neon yellow/black, Black/white, white/fresh green, Jazzy pink/blaze orange

Price: £149.99

Website:  Goreapparel Phantom  Windstopper Soft Shell


Performance: 9/10         

Value for money: 9/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre



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