Craft Siberian Split Finger Glove


The Craft Siberian Split Finger Gloves are the warmest gloves we have ever tested – bar none – and they are surprisingly lightweight too.  They are fabulously insulated and the outer shell is wind and waterproof, making cold hands a thing of the past.


Craft Siberian Split Finger Glove Lightweight, wind and waterproof gloves with amazing insulation – definitely the warmest gloves we have ever tested


When we first laid eyes on the Craft Siberian Split Finger Glove we envisaged ourselves being transformed into some kind of sea dwelling creature, closely related to a lobster, but as soon as we picked them up, we forgot about that and marvelled at just how light they were.  For a full winter glove, with serious amounts of insulation, we really did not expect this and there was no doubt – even from the comfort of the kitchen – that these gloves were going to keep us exceptionally warm.  And they did!


The fit of Craft Siberian Split Finger Glove is excellent thanks to a Velcro strap that is secured around the wrist and this very effectively prevents cold air getting anywhere near your hands.  The lining is incredibly soft and feels almost quilt-like, we thought they were definitely the most luxurious and comforting gloves we have ever pulled on.


Of course the feel is a little strange initially but it is not difficult to understand why a split finger glove will be a massive upgrade on hand warmth over a traditional five finger glove, quite simply the fingers share their warmth and there is more air around them too – never buy tight fitting gloves for winter warmth.


The outer shell of the Siberian Split Finger Glove is both wind and waterproof.  In addition Craft have adorned it with reflective strips and logos, plus gripper pads and even a soft nose wiping patch too.  What more could we ask for?  An even bigger bonus was that they washed exceptionally well with, in- particular, no sign of the lining becoming displaced or shrinking.


We have tested the Craft Siberian Split Finger Gloves so rigorously that we could have been accused of trying to break them.  We have worn them repeatedly for rides in sub-zero temperatures, for four hours or more, come rain, hail or shine.  But whatever we threw at them they simply refused to let us get cold hands – ever!


It is fair to say that when you are wearing the Craft Siberian Split Finger Glove you do lose a little dexterity, so we struggled a bit with zips and grabbing food from a back pocket, but our hands were so toasty warm that it was no great hardship to take a glove off, do what you have to do, put the glove back on again.  There is however no getting round the fact that, on a road bike at least, sensitivity for changing gear was reduced.  Happily we could work the brakes with no problems and we found there were no such issues when riding a mountain bike.  The rapid fire or grip shift style of gear changes could easily be accommodated by our lobster like hands and we enjoyed having warm hands more than it is possible to find words for!


The feel of the Craft Siberian Split Finger Glove also seemed to depend somewhat on finger length.  One of our testers has beautiful long fingers and she complained that the gloves pulled at the soft flesh between the two middle fingers, while a slightly shorter fingered tester was completely fine and for her these gloves became her favourite accessory.  It is likely that a larger size might accommodate longer fingers more comfortably but we did not get the chance to test this.  Whatever your finger length, it is worth noting that if you do any walking or hiking in cold weather, these are the gloves for you – cold hands will be a thing of the past.


The Craft Siberian Split Finger Glove is the warmest glove we have ever tested by a huge margin and they are incredibly lightweight too, so if you suffer from cold hands this will be the best £30 you ever spend.  While there was really no downside to the split finger arrangement on a mountain bike, there is a little loss of dexterity when riding a road bike, but our tester was certainly not giving them back to us.


Sizes: S – XXL

Colour: Black

Price: £30.00

Website: Craft Siberian Split Finger Glove


Value for money:  9/10

Performance:  9/10


Tested by Emma Silversides 



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