Helly Hansen Rohkun Trail Shoe


The Helly Hansen Rohkun Trail Shoe is a high performance running shoe that is lightweight but very supportive, and has great traction on all surfaces, combined with some seriously high tech cushioning too.


Helly Hansen Rohkun Trail Shoe


This is the second pair of Helly Hansen training shoes we have had on test and just like the Kenosha which we reviewed last year, there is no denying that the Rohkun is a really great looking shoe.  Now just because we mentioned this first don’t think we value looks over performance – we believe we can and should have both – but there is simply no denying the wow factor when you first take these beautiful shoes out of the box.


The Helly Hansen Rohkun Trail Shoe is billed as a great all round trail running shoe, which means it works well on a number of different surfaces.  For sure the Rohkun feels good on tarmac but it really comes into its own when you hit the trails.  It is a relatively low profile shoe, which means there is little difference between the heel and toe height, and this gives them fabulous stability on uneven surfaces.  This stability combined with a wonderfully grippy sole makes these shoes a real winner for us.  Helly Hansen have used two very different tread patterns and materials to optimise the traction afforded by the Rohkun; the heel rubber is HellyWear, while the forefoot uses a sticky compound that they call HellyGrip and these work together to provide a very confident feel on every off road surface we could find to test them on.


The Rohkun features an upper made from a breathable dual layer mesh and the laces connect with heavily structured support.  Lace these puppies up nice and tight and they feel like an extension of your feet, because there is no way the foot will slip around inside.


Even though the Rohkun begs to be taken out on the trails, the cushioning and rebound technology is still one of the most important features and for these shoes Helly Hansen have used a great combination of proven materials, plus their own technology.  You get a removable EVA footbed, over an EVA midsole, which is the tried and tested material used in so many quality running shoes these days, and this is upgraded by the addition of Helly’s own “C-zone cushioning” for shock absorption in the heal area.  The overall feel is excellent and has kept our joints in good shape over winter months.


The Rohkun model we tried was a female specific design and that is probably why the width and arch support felt just right to us.  One of the unique features of the Rohkun is the “burrito” lacing system, an asymmetrical lacing and tongue system that is designed to give a great fit and comfort.  The tongue is in fact an extension of the upper on the outside of each shoe, so it is only free to underlap the outer on the inside of each shoe and this reduces the bulk as well as the opportunity for any sore spots to develop.


Helly Hansen Rohkun Trail Shoe


The Rohkun is seriously lightweight, we tested a size 40 which weighed in at just 520g and cleverly they are seamless too.  Always with an eye for safety, Helly Hansen have included lots of high vis reflective flashes, which give all round visibility as soon as a light is shone in your direction and there is even additional protection for toes and heels in built.


If you are serious about running on any terrain then the Helly Hansen Rohkun Trail Shoe is worth a try.  You get a great fit, combined with a combination of tread patterns that work well on all the terrains we tested it on and most important of all, top of the range cushioning and rebound technology which together will allow you to enjoy miles and miles of running.


Sizes: 5.5F – 10F

Colour: Pink Glow/Flag red, Bright Bloom / Sorbet

Price: £110.00

Website:  Hellyhansen.com Women's Rohkun


Performance: 9/10         

Value for money: 9/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre



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