dhb Aeron Speed Bib Shorts


We think dhb have nailed it with the Aeron Speed bib shorts, they delivered beyond our expectations in terms of both performance and comfort, with some really innovative features.


dhb Aeron Speed bib shorts


dhb tell us that the Aeron Speed bib shorts are their most technical short to date and that got us pretty excited, because the kit we have had on test from them before has been pretty darned good.


So without a second thought, we put them into our bag and headed out to Mallorca to test them.  In fairness we were going to Mallorca to bank some training miles anyway, we didn’t book the trip just to test these shorts, but it is a measure of our confidence in dhb kit that we took them without having worn them before, safe in the knowledge that they would perform well on longer rides.


Before we first put the dhb Aeron Speed bib shorts on we noticed that one of the obvious upgrades was the wide, soft and very stretchy bib straps.  When you are wearing the shorts these lie perfectly flat against the body and are the most comfortable bibs we have worn – critically once we were pedalling we did not notice them and that should be the minimum standard.


But there is much more to the dhb Aeron Speed bib shorts than the bib straps.  In particular, we think they look fantastic thanks to the attention that has gone into the design and fit.  Add to that a particularly high performance fabric – dhb call it Revolutional Energy – which offers great stretch with compression benefits.  Together this adds up to a pair of shorts that not only feel amazing on but which also help to hold and support key muscle groups in the optimal position and aid circulation.  You can feel the light squeeze on your quads when you first pull them on and the net result is improved efficiency of movement and reduced fatigue.  It is impossible for us to say how much this is worth in performance terms but we have always been of the opinion that any gain, no matter how marginal, is a gain we would like to have please!


The dhb Aeron Speed bibs have so much more to them than meets the eye.  The special Revolutional Energy fabric has been finished with dhb’s coldblack treatment, which reduces the absorption of heat rays – how clever is that?  This was something that we really appreciated on the long rides around Mallorca.  We like it hot but there were days when it was at the upper end of our tolerance and it was at times like this that the coldback treatment kept us from meltdown.


dhb Aeron Speed bib shorts in action


Of course a performance short must have a performance pad and happily dhb have not compromised here, the CyTech Comp HP chammy is billed as being good for six hours in the saddle and that we tested diligently, on back to back days.  Saddle comfort is something you cannot bluff when you are putting in long days on the bike and these shorts are every bit as good as dhb told us they would be.  We found ourselves washing them overnight so that we could wear them the next day because we liked them so much.


The short legs are finished with a wide band around the bottom and this has a light application of silicone on it.  Together these ensure everything stays perfectly in place and guarantees razor sharp tan lines, without any excessive squeezing on the quads!


We don’t think there is a better pair of shorts out there for the money.  dhb have really raised the bar with the Aeron Speed bib shorts using highly technical fabrics to produce a pair of shorts that leave us wanting for nothing in terms of comfort.  These might be the only shorts you need this summer.


Sizes: 8-16

Colours: Black

RRP: £80.00

Website: wiggle.co.uk - dhb-aeron-womens-speed-bib-shorts

Performance:  9/10
Value for money:  9/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre



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