dhb Women’s Shorts


The dhb Women’s shorts are another no frills piece of kit from dhb that does the job perfectly well for a fraction of the cost.  The surprisingly good pad means these shorts will serve you well as a recreational cyclist, tourer or commuter and we loved them for indoor bike sessions too.


dhb Women’s shorts


The dhb Women’s shorts are a classic black pair of cycling shorts, featuring a grey side panel.  To the touch the fabric is somewhat heavier than many of the more expensive shorts on the market but there was no compromise to the feel when we put them on – if you didn’t know the price before you tried them, we pretty much guarantee you would not guess it.


dhb have included all the standard features that you would expect in a pair of cycling shorts; silicone elastic grippers around the bottom of the legs, strategically placed reflective logos and a chamois pad, all held together with flat-locked seams.


However that list of features dismisses the fact that the chamois really is surprisingly good.  Normally, when you buy a cheap pair of shorts, it is the chamois that is not up to scratch, but Wiggle has used a CyTech Elastic Interface 'Women's Veloce' chamois and we found it very comfortable.  Specifically, it has padding in all the right places, is lightweight and not as bulky as some of the cheaper alternatives.  It also moved well with the body on the bike thanks to the elastic content.


After an initial test we felt that it was very good but to be honest most chamois are on the first few rides, so we decided to really put it through its paces on a seven day, 850km touring trip in warmer climes.  There is no need to try this at home, this was just for testing purposes but we are pleased to say that the dhb women’s shorts withstood the test incredibly well and in fact they functioned as well as any others that we have tested in a similar fashion.  The flat-lock seams were very effective, both at the edge of the chamois and throughout the shorts themselves.  There was very little in the way of restriction of movement but equally the chamois itself did not cause any chaffing.


Even with a hand wash every day on the tour, and several more machine ones since, the shorts still look like new; there are no snags, thin patches or loose threads, which is really impressive.


Our only criticism, and we really had to dig deep for this, was the lack of attention to the cut at the waist; there is little by way of shaping here, so if your jersey rides up or your undervest is short, there is the potential for skin exposure.  That of course is easily overcome by wearing a base layer with plenty of tuck in and/or a jersey that is long enough to cover the waist – simples!


In truth we can barely believe that you can buy a pair of shorts for £20 that feel as comfortable and perform as well as these did, we reckon they would give shorts up to three or four times the cost a run for their money and they are an absolute steal for riders of all levels.


Size: 8-16

Colour: Black/Grey

Price: £20.00

Website: Wiggle.co.uk dhb women's shorts


Performance: 9/10

Value for money: 10/10


Tested by Emma Silversides



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