Gore Power Trail Lady Jersey


The Gore Power Trail Lady jersey is a stylish loose fitting jersey for off-road riding, touring and commuting.  There are a long sleeved and a short sleeved versions to choose from and both offer super ventilation in warm weather and are perfect for both cycling and casual use.


Gore Power Trail Lady Jersey Long Sleeved


Gore’s Power Trail range offers a number of stylish and performance related garments that look as good and perform as well on the bike as they do off it.  And so it was the obvious choice to pass these to ex-pro road cyclist Emma Silversides for testing, because she is now more likely to be seen off road or touring than she is racing on the road.  She has been putting the Gore Trail range through its paces and tells us she thinks Christmas must have come early!


The Gore Power Trail Lady jerseys come in a long sleeved version and a choice of Jazzy Pink, Jazzy Pink/Giro Pink or Raven Brown/Black, or a short sleeved version in Jazzy Pink, Raven Brown or Blue and both feel supremely soft against the skin – wearing really is believing!  They are also super lightweight and it doesn’t feel like you are wearing a cycling top at all.  Gore have combined two distinctly different fabrics; the body of the garment and upper arms are in a breathable, fine knit fabric and the trim that runs around the base, the sleeve ends and the neck line is more like silk, with both fabrics offering a good amount of stretch.  The silk like fabric is a really attractive feature and it adds a little weight to the bottom of the jersey too, which we found helped to keep them in place in windy conditions. 


The long sleeved version of the Power Trail Lady jersey features a good 15cm of this heavier material on the lower sleeve.  This is perfect for holding the sleeve snuggly in position, we particularly liked that it is easy to push up the arm and it did not slide back down again, which makes the top even more versatile.


Gore Power Trail Lady Jersey short Sleeved


The cut of both short and long sleeved versions of the Power Trail Lady jersey is very unique, boxey design with minimal tapering around the midriff and this resulted in excellent airflow.  Usually the term “boxey” would not be teamed with the word “flattering” but Gore have worked a minor miracle here and both words are in fact appropriate, with the overall look being enhanced by the cut of the hem, which is gently curved to offer some lower back protection and style.


The loose, lightweight design meant that we really did not sweat much but if we did the fabric wicked it away and then dried very quickly.  In cooler conditions we doubled up the tops, wearing the long and short sleeve together, which proved a great combination for touring when the weather was changeable.


The Power Trail Lady jerseys perform at their best in warm weather and really the only negative we could find is when they are worn in the rain.  When we got properly wet the main body of the jerseys dried out wonderfully quickly but the silky trims took a little longer.  Of course, these are not billed as wet weather gear and ideally you would reach for a waterproof in these conditions but we felt honour bound to test them to their fullest!


Both versions feature a small zip pocket, nicely concealed in line with the lower trim.  It was perfect for a key, a few coins or some wrapped sweets, but not big enough for much else.  Finally there is a small reflective logo on the rear.


We give the Gore Power Trail Lady jersey top marks for performance, style and versatility – we did not want to take it off ever – but at the full recommended retail price we recognise that it is an aspirational piece.  It is however one you will definitely wear and wear and wear, on and off the bike.


Sizes: 34-44 (XS-XXL)

Colours: Jazzy Pink/Giro Pink, Raven Brown/Black, Blizzard Blue

RRP: £74.99 (SS), £89.99 (LS)

Website: LS goreapparel.co.uk women power trail lady jersey long sleeve

Website: SS goreapparel.co.uk women power trail lady jersey short sleeve


Performance rating: 8/10

Value for money: 8/10


Tested by Emma Silversides



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