New women's race team


The Mule Bar Girls Team Launch went of with a kick this week. Guests were welcomed with moscow mule cocktails and given the opportunity to browse the AnaNichoola st udios before head Mule, Alex, launched the Girls' Team. Holding an AnaNichoola high heeled SPD shoe, Alex said the item summed up what he saw in the girls team; girls who ride to perform, enjoy dressing up and having fun. He proceeded by saying:  

"We are totally excited to be sponsoring a women's team this year, it's something we've always wanted to do and we know that with this amazing group of girls, we're all going to have one hell of a great adventure. All the girls are doing exceptional things in their lives aside from cycling and so they bring the typical richness we are looking for in all our Mules."

Mule Bar Girls Team launch

Photo thanks to Joe Plommer 


Fuel for Adventure


MuleBar Girl’s love riding bikes in all their diverse forms, don’t try and pin them down to anyone discipline. A Mule Bar Girl has a shed stuffed full of bikes ready to rip on dirt or tarmac.   


The summer diary is packed with road-trips. Expect to see Mule Bar represented at 24-hour races, cross-country events, road and downhill races in both the UK and France. Plus the girls will gracing the boards as they take to the UK track scene.


 Fit, Fast, Fearless and Feminine?



Team Mule Bar believe that women riders can be just as skilful, competitive and dedicated as male racers – and they can do this without leaving behind their femininity. In Team MuleBar there is nothing wrong with wearing lip-gloss with a full-face helmet. While you aren’t going to catch these girls slowing down for a broken nail they’d like to think they scrub up well after the race.

Why support a women’s race team?


Women’s cycling is growing. Cycling is now the third most popular leisure activity for women after swimming and athletics and women’s race participation is up 20%.


MuleBar want to help increase the number of women turning to two wheels for their fun and adventure. Whether the bike is used as transport, a tool for improving fitness or for competition all women can benefit from engaging with cycling. Team Mule Bar want to encourage and inspire other women to push their limits by showing how accessible and exciting bike riding is. Team Riders have been chosen as much for their attitude to riding as for their results, showing a taste for adventure and pushing boundaries.


Mule Bar Girls Team launch

The MuleBar Girls  are Anna Glowinski, Hannah Bowers, Louise Mahe, Chloe Thomas and BikeEnvy product tester Rebecca Charlton. Good luck for the season! Photo thanks to

What’s a MuleBar?   


Alex and Jimmy founded MuleBar after problems with digesting energy bars on a trip to Cerro Aconcagua in the Andes. These mountains are high and at 6200m high the stomach doesn’t respond well to food. Alex and Jimmy realised that what they, and their stomachs, craved was real food not mucked around with sports bars. Since then they have worked to create great tasting natural bars with the aim of trying to help everybody get out on an adventure.


MuleBars work on a very simple premise: that what is natural is good. A natural mixture of ingredients made the way nature intended and picked for their broad spectrum of energy providing sugars and fats makes for the perfect bar, fuel with flavour, is good. When you’re out on the trail, when you’re competing, racing or working through a tough day, the body responds much better to foods it knows already, foods it has no problem digesting.


Rebecca Charlton

Photo thanks to Joe Plummer  


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