Helly Hansen Terrak Trail shoe


The Helly Hansen Terrak Trail shoe is a lightweight, low-cut, shoe with great cushioning and a lug design that provides superb traction too.


Helly Hansen Terrak Trail Shoe


When we first received the Helly Hansen Terrak Trail shoe for testing we were really impressed by how light they were and that is an impression that has stood the test of time – they are feather-light and feel fabulous on.  In fact this is the third pair of Helly Hansen shoes that we have tested and we think they might be our favourite based on function, fit and feel.


The Helly Hansen Terrak Trail shoe is a low cut – this refers to the height of the ankle cuff, which stops just short of the ankle bone – low profile shoe running shoe.  The low profile label means that there is very little difference (5mm) between the heel and toe height, and this results in great stability for the wearer, regardless of the surface.  In fact we thought they felt better on forest trails than they did on the tarmac that we had to cover to get there.


We found that it was in the off-road environment that we will really felt the benefit of the specially developed soles, which combine HellyGrip and HellyWear rubber, in a lug design that is

multi-directional, and all of this adds up to a level of sure footedness that gives you awesome confidence to push your limits.   We have also been encouraged by just how durable the soles of these shoes are too, we have been testing them for a few months now but you would not be able to guess that by looking at them.


Helly Hansen Terrak Trail Shoe - sole


Protecting the foot and indeed the whole body from the impact of running is clearly something that the lovely people at Helly Hansen have taken very seriously.  For the Terrak the cushioning and rebound technology is a combination of proven materials, added to their own technology.  You get a removable EVA footbed, over an EVA midsole (a tried and tested material used in so many quality running shoes) and never content with being ordinary, all of this is upgraded by the addition of Helly’s own “C-zone cushioning” which gives shock absorption in the heal area.  The overall feel is excellent and has kept our joints in good shape over the winter months.


And finally the upper for the Helly Hansen Terrak Trail shoe is made from a breathable mesh, which for the record is really breathable, you can actually feel the air reaching your feet when these shoes are worn with thin socks – great for summer runs.


In addition there is a web of nylon tape/ribbon which is sewn into the upper and which holds the laces, whilst also giving great support to the foot.  And last but not least we loved the tongue in these shoes, which is not free floating as usual but is attached on one edge.  The advantages are that the fit and comfort is dramatically better than other shoes, and of course the tongue stays perfectly in place, whilst the design also keeps out stones and other debris that you might otherwise pick up.  It really is all good!


If you are looking for performance foot wear that is stylish and offers top-dollar protection the Helly Hansen Terrak Trail shoe is definitely worth a second look – they get a massive thumbs up in our test, we literally could not find fault with them.


Sizes: 5 – 9.5

Colour: Aqua Marine/Ind, Lake Purple, Jet Black

Price: RRP £90.00 (but reduced to £48 at the time of publishing)

Website:  Hellyhansen.com W Terrak


Performance: 9/10         

Value for money: 9/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre



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