Knog Oi Classic Bike Bell


The most beautiful bike bell in the world?  Sleek and sexy to look at, and producing a tone that draws attention without causing offence, the Knog Oi redefines the bike bell.


Knog Oi Classic Bike Bell - The most beautiful bike bell in the world?


It never surprises us just how easy it is to offend someone when you are on a bike and they are not.  It is not unusual for us to come across a family of four taking up the whole of a quiet country lane and honestly good for them, it is nice to see people enjoying the great outdoors.  The problem occurs when a cyclist says anything to draw attention to themselves, in order to pass without causing chaos.  We have tried a number of strategies, everything from a cheery “morning” to “on your right” and even a practiced cough, but the response we get is on a range from startled annoyance right through to outright abuse.


So imagine our surprise and delight when we were asked to test a bike bell.  Obviously this is no ordinary bike bell because nothing that ugly would be given space on our bars.  No the Knog Oi bike bell is bike art, perfect form and function, a thing of exquisite beauty, with a clean, modern design and, wait for it, it even sounds so cordial it simply cannot cause offence!  In fact Knog tell us their sexy little bike bell “sounds like an angel playing a glockenspiel” and we are in no position to refute this.  Just between us, we found ourselves cycling along thumbing the little sprung lever which hits the brushed steel metal bar to produce the perfect chime, just because it made us smile.


It is not loud and certainly not abrasive, but it did the job well even in traffic.  The ultimate test was in central London where it still managed to catch people’s attention well.  We did find, on the odd occasion when we got a little over enthusiastic, the little hammer jumped out of alignment but it was very simple put it back in place without even looking.  The lesson we learned was to trust it to do its job without trying to make it louder, because invariably it did alert people to our presence in all conditions.


Knog Oi Classic Bike Bells - The most beautiful bike bell in the world?


Fitting the Knog Oi is a doddle.  We don’t read instructions and happily that did not matter, simply open the bracket, slide it over the handle bars and tighten the single screw with the allen key provided – job done.  We mounted ours close to the stem, where it could be reached without taking a hand off the bars, at least for the majority of the time, and where it did not take up space that we would otherwise want to grip.  There is some nice attention to detail in the fact that Knog have designed the clamp with recesses so that cables can run through it without interference.


The Knog Oi comes in four colours and two sizes to fit bars from 22mm up to 31.8.  If you commute to work you will find the Knog Oi invaluable, so too if you ride on narrow lanes, tow paths or any narrow track that you might have to share with other riders or pedestrians.  We defy you to find a more aesthetically pleasing bell or one that has such a charming chime.


Sizes:  Large fits 23.8mm to 31.8mm in diameter, small fits 22mm

Colour: black, brass, copper, silver

Weight: Small 18g, Large 28g

Materials: Aluminium with nylon mount and hammer

Price:  £15.99

Website: - Knog Oi 



Performance: 10/10

Value for money: 9/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre



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