Knog Blinder Mini Niner


We haven’t yet met a Knog light that we haven’t fallen in love with, they are all just a little bit cheeky, fabulously robust, easy to use and perhaps most important of all, very bright!


Knog Blinder Mini Niner


We always get excited when we get a package from Knog for testing – not many products put a smile our faces like theirs do.  The brand is slightly irreverent and the products are high spec and bang on trend.


These days we use Knog lights every time we go out on the road, whether that is for commuting, training or for TT’s, because the additional safety they afford is (we believe) priceless.  And with Knog lights being USB rechargeable there is no argument about the cost or the impact on the environment of battery use and so no reason not to use them at every opportunity.


The Knog Blinder Mini Niner is the latest in the range of mini-lights from Knog with blinding brightness, in this case giving visibility over 500m.  The “niner” bit refers to the nine LEDs packed into this tiny unit (it measures just 46 x 43 x 30mm and weighs just 15g) which also has a reflective face plate for added visibility.  The LEDs can be switched on in one of five different modes:  steady, strobe flash, fading flash, lightning flash or eco flash.  Apparently the clever people at Knog have worked hard to produce just the right ratio of beam width (90°) and distance to provide for riding in the dark and the result is that even at when riding at speed in low light conditions we found we could see far enough ahead to feel safe.  In the past we have used a combination of lights for the same effect – a wide angle plus a narrow, spot light – so to get this effect from one light is a great feature.


A full charge will take 2.5 hours and then the Knog Blinder Mini Niner will run for between two hours on steady mode and up to 11 hours on eco mode, and we liked the low battery indicator that lights up to tell you it is time to recharge.


Knog strap


The Knog Blinder Mini Niner is offered in a front and a rear option (in red or black) and installation could not be easier; a strap wraps around the bars or seat post and clips securely to the light unit.  Crucially, despite being pretty impatient to get on out bike sometimes, we haven’t managed to destroy one of these straps yet and that is despite almost continual use of lights we have had on long term test for over two years now.  That said, these straps are replaceable anyway, so it would not be a disaster if we did break one – a great feature that bucks the trend towards an every increasingly throw away culture.  It was great to see that the lights come with a selection of straps as well; two options for the front light to fit bars 22-27mm or 27-32mm and three options for the rear to allow for fitting to seat posts from 22-32mm+ and even aero posts for our TT bike – nice work Knog!


From our experience Knog lights are pretty much indestructible and the Knog Blinder Mini Niner is no different.  We have regularly used them for rides in truly horrible weather, we have dropped them, washed them down with a high pressure hose, left them in a bucket of warm soapy water and then left them to air dry and every time they come up like new.  There is no hint of corrosion, dents or water damage, even the bit that plugs into a USB for charging is as strong as the whole unit, which we found most impressive.


The Knog Blinder Mini Niner retails at £23.99 which given the functionality and longevity represents great value for money – they are beautifully put together lights that will give you years and years of increased safety out on the road and put a smile on your face too!


Colours: black or red

Styles: front or rear

Price: £23.99

Website: Knog Blinder-Mini-Niner-Front-Rear-Light


Performance: 9/10

Value: 9/10


Reviewed by Jan Birkmyre


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