Gore Power Lady CC Short+


The Gore Power Lady CC Shorts are designed for particularly warm weather; they are light and airy, with a soft and protective chamois which provides top dollar comfort for even the longest of rides.


Gore Power Lady CC Short+


Although we do love the fit that bib shorts offer there is no escaping the convenience of female specific bib-less shorts because they mean a pee stop is a piece of cake and there are no issues with straps sitting awkwardly either.  The challenge for designers is to create the perfect fit around the midriff and lower back, whilst avoiding pinching, rolling or bagging.  And is it no small challenge, which is why we are very happy to report that with their Power Lady CC Shorts the guys at Gore have scored a bull’s eye with their latest design.  In fact they have incorporated several unique features which, in our opinion, create a pair of shorts that not only perform beautifully but fit exceptionally well too.


For the Gore Power Lady CC Shorts, standard Lycra has been combined with lateral mesh panels over the hips to make them perfect for very warm weather.  The weave of the mesh panels is very fine but not, we hasten to add, transparent and they are very effective at assisting cooling.  The ability of these shorts to help regulate temperature meant we found them perfect under a pair of loose casual shorts when touring too; an arrangement that can quickly lead to overheating with normal shorts but was spot on with these.  


In order to tackle the problem of shorts cutting in at the waist Gore have not used any elastic in the frontal waist area of the Power Lady CC Shorts, instead there is a small tapered panel of slightly thicker Lycra, which effectively eliminates pinching or cutting in at the midriff.  There is an inch wide lightly elasticated band around the rear of the shorts and it is this which holds them comfortably in place; it grips well to a thin under-vest but does not irritate when worn against bare skin either.  Even on longer days - we tested them on rides of five or more hours in the saddle - we found these shorts sat firmly in place.  


Interestingly Gore have not included silicone grip strips or elasticated bands around the bottom of the legs for the Power Lady CC Shorts, something we were slightly concerned about when we first unpacked them.  While we hate over-tight leg grippers, we were worried that the legs might ride up without something to hold them in place.  However, our fears were completely unfounded because the thick Lycra band in the lower part of the short legs clung evenly to the thigh, while not being restrictive or leaving behind any kind of mark; how novel and how very nice too!  Due to there being no real presence of elastic or silicone grippers we found we could wear a pair that were slightly on the small side and this ensured a really snug fit.


The chammy used in the Gore Power Lady CC Shorts is generously padded, offering protection where it is most needed.  It is well sewn over at the edges, so even after many hours of testing we had no issues with abrasion (we do however always use a quality chammy cream when we are on the bike).  In addition to this, Gore have added a frontal panel of a soft brushed fabric – basically an extension of the chamois but without the bulk – which provides protection against wind and cool air for the pelvic area.  We considered it unique and, more importantly, found it effective without any discomfort or irritation.


Gore have managed to incorporate one more unique feature on the Power Lady CC shorts and that is a small pocket on the right leg.  It is made of the same mesh material as the panels and it is almost invisible if you do not know it is there.  We found it ideal for a few emergency coins, a protected note or even a gel and we thought it was a great feature and very handy. 


Finally they can be teamed with the Gore Power Lady CC Jersey which we reviewed earlier, for a smart, coordinated look.


Overall we rate the Gore Power Lady CC Shorts very highly for comfort and performance in warm conditions.  There is no denying they are not cheap but we think you get what you pay for and our experience suggests they will serve any sun loving cyclist very well and when the summer is over, they would be perfect for spin classes and turbo training, where the super ventilating design will once again be very much appreciated.


Sizes: XS-XXL

Colours: Black, Black/Raspberry Rose, Black/Scuba Blue

RRP: £99.99

Website: Gore Apparel.co.uk - Gore Lady CC Short+


Performance: 9/10

Value for Money: 8/10


Tested by Emma Silversides



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