Craft Velo Graphic Jersey


The Craft Velo Graphic jersey is a great option for cycling in hot weather and we love the way it flatters the figure.  It is a little different to many “traditional” jersey designs and we salute Craft for their ingenuity, they have created a great fitting, comfortable and high performance option and at a great price point too.


Craft Velo Graphic Jersey


Craft have released their latest range of kit and it really is for summer weather - think long hot days spinning the pedals under cloudless skies.  What a great excuse that proved to be for our tester, ex-pro Emma Silversides to go away and test it somewhere which offers that sort of weather for more than three days at a time!


Our first impressions of the Craft Velo Graphic Jersey were all good; it is extremely lightweight and soft to the touch, it has a great feminine cut without pinching or pulling anywhere and it is a seriously eye-catching and fun design (we tested the striking “pink wheel push”).


Craft have cleverly combined a multitude of panels to make the Craft Velo Graphic Jersey and the result is that it fits snuggly enough to flatter curves but not so tight as to restrict airflow, whilst also allowing them to omit silicone grip strips and elasticated hems.  The front zip stretches well down into the torso region and when opened it is perfect for helping to regulate temperature by increasing airflow.  And interestingly the collar is tapered down to the zip, so there are no issues with irritation there either.  The sleeves are ‘raglan cut’, shorter than many jerseys and in combination with mesh underarm panels, they assist in keeping you cool in high temperatures.  We also liked that the rear panel is generously cut to offer good lower back coverage and protection.


As expected with all of these features, the Craft Velo Graphic jersey performed superbly in hot weather and it was in these conditions that we especially liked the absence of elastic and silicone, which are usually employed to keep a jersey from riding up.  The cut of this jersey is good enough that they just weren’t required and that helps to create a more relaxed casual fit but above all it ensured that we never overheated.


Craft Velo Graphic Jersey a great option for cycling in hot weather, high performance in a flattering and slightly different design all at a great price


Craft have veered away from the conventional ‘three rear pockets’ for the Craft Velo Graphic Jersey and instead there are two lateral pockets, which are tapered down to the side.  We think it is nice to see something a little different and the two pockets certainly offered really easy access whilst cycling but they were not as secure as some of the more traditional designs.   We quickly worked out that the pockets needed to be evenly loaded and if we did this it was great.


Overall we rated the Craft Velo Graphic jersey highly; it performs exceptionally well in hot weather, flatters the figure and is a step away from many modern designs in terms of cut and panelling.  The pockets do need to be carefully loaded but it was a small price that we were willing to pay for the comfort, performance and fit that the jersey offered and with a very competitive price tag too.


Sizes: XS to XL (our tester usually wears a 10 and found the M the perfect size)

Colour: Pink Wheel Push is currently available on the Craft website and some other sites offer Wheel White.

Price: £55

Website: Craft Velo Graphic Jersey


Performance: 8/10

Value for money: 9/10


Tested by Emma Silversides



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