Craft Women’s Cool Mesh Superlight Base Layer


The Craft Women's Cool Mesh Superlight Base Layer helps you be the best that you can be in the hottest of conditions.  It is incredibly lightweight and the mesh fabric actively pulls moisture away from your skin to keep you cool and dry when the summer weather is scorching.


Craft Women's Cool Mesh Superlight Base Layer


It may seem counter intuitive to wear a base layer in the warmest temperatures but, if designed correctly, a good base layer will work to transport moisture away from the skin without becoming saturated itself and the overall effect is to keep body temperature down more effectively than if a base layer is not worn – yes really!


A Lycra cycling jersey, worn on its own, tends to hold sweat and will cling to the skin.  In addition to the action of moving sweat away from the skin, ex-pro Emma Silversides told us that one of the most valuable lessons she learnt when racing professionally was the ‘non-perfomance’ related benefit of a base layer; if you were in brief and sliding contact with asphalt a base layer can help to protect your skin.  She told us “it really does make sense and on at least one occasion my back and shoulders were saved from what could have been very painful, excessive exfoliation!”. 


At first touch we found the Craft Women's Cool Mesh Superlight Base Layer exceptionally soft, silky and feather light.  This naturally also makes it flimsy and, we thought, perhaps prone to snagging but to date this has not been a problem – we have put it through several washes and incredibly it still looks like new.  A feminine cut with a small amount of spandex in the fabric ensures that the vest skims the torso, giving a close fit which is essential for optimal moisture transfer and, as a bonus, a virtually invisible effect under a race fit jersey.  The only seams, which are lateral ones, are very well finished and they do not cause irritation against the skin and have no real profile.  The under arm cut is spot on, we found there was no cutting into the skin and also that there was plenty of room to allow a performance, race style jersey, with underarm mesh panels to perform well.


We rated the Craft Women's Cool Mesh Superlight Base Layer very highly when trialled in the recent hot spell.  Even though we were sweating excessively the vest never became drenched and we never once sensed unpleasant saturated clothing against our skin – so it was clearly functioning as it was designed to and incredibly it never smelt bad either.   For us, the best thing about it was that once we had put it on we were not even aware we were wearing it and that is thanks to its excellent cut and the stretch of the fabric that allowed it to move with us on the bike. 


Given the unpredictability of the Britain weather and knowing that we don’t often get prolonged periods of hot weather, we are pleased to report that the Craft Women's Cool Mesh Superlight Base Layer is just as useful in cooler conditions too.  We found it does a great job of wicking away the sweat that builds up when you are pressing on in any weather and found it performed really well while wearing wind or waterproof garments, which can cause a lot of sweating on the uphill sections.  In fact, based on our experience, we plan to wear it as the first of two base layers in winter and know that it will be invaluable for winter spin classes and turbo sessions too, so do not think it’ll be an investment that restricted to your ‘summer kit drawer’.  


We highly recommend that you try the Craft Women's Cool Mesh Superlight Base Layer.  If you haven’t used a base layer in hot weather before we think you will be very pleasantly surprised and mostly likely hooked.  If you are a base layer addict here’s another one worthy of a place in your collection.  There is often a reluctance to spend money on kit that weighs next nothing and is so thin it will screw up into something about the size of a golf ball, but with it on offer at the moment for an absolute bargain price at wiggle it would be crazy not to invest; you are getting an exceptional piece of kit at an absolute steal.  


Sizes: S-XL

Colours: White or Black

RRP: £28

Website: Craft Women's Cool Mesh Superlight Base


Performance: 10/10

Value: 9/10 (or on offer 10/10!)


Tested by Emma Silversides



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