Helly Hansen VTR Printed 7/8 Capri Leggings


We have always believed that we should look and feel great in the kit we wear for working out, and the Helly Hansen VTR Printed 7/8 Capri leggings tick all of those boxes – they are flattering, high performance and come in a range of interesting colours and designs.


Helly Hansen VTR Printed 7/8 Capri Leggings


The VTR range is worth looking at as a whole because it provides a wonderfully coordinated, technical wardrobe for training and relaxing and we loved the VTR Printed 7/8 Capri legs in particular for so many reasons.


There are a number of fabulously well thought out features, all of which work really well together and the design of the waistband is probably top of our list.  Helly Hansen have produced leggings which stay perfectly in place without any feel of tightness, or cutting in as a result of the wide waistband which is secure but gives a very comfortable and flattering fit around the waist.  If you think training pants have to be tight around the waist to stay up, think again.  There is a drawstring for those who want additional security but honestly we have not used that once in months of testing and we have given these Capri pants a real work out in the gym, used them for stretch sessions, yoga, running and just chilling out in the evenings too – not once have we felt like they were not perfectly in place or that we needed to pull them up, as once they were on they were on.


As you would expect from Helly Hansen the fabric is high performance.  The Helly Hansen brand is built upon developing the right fabrics for professionals in range of active and sports endeavours, including emergency services, and that means we never have to second guess the quality.  In this case the X Cool fabric is soft to the touch, stretchy, wicks away sweat and should you get wet, it is quick drying as well.  We were also really impressed by how great these capris look after repeated wearing and washing - despite all the abuse and almost constant wearing they sill look like new and we didn't expect that. 


Helly Hansen VTR Printed 7/8 Capri Leggings are flattering, high performance


The length of the Helly Hansen VTR Printed 7/8 Capri legs is also quite lovely and the fit is like a second skin.  They finish just above the ankle, which is both flattering and practical – we are converted and might never wear full length again!


And Helly active wear can never be accused of being boring, so rather than plain old black, you can choose from printed designs on bright or dark backgrounds.  We had the Marine Blue on test, a great compromise between flattering dark shades and a pattern that stands out from the crowd.


Finally, Helly have added a secure key pocket at the waist of these Capris and together with the choice of great colours and designs you have the perfect leggings that will have a place in your wardrobe in every season.


Flattering, high tech Capri pants for anything active and for relaxation too.  Feature packed and showcasing the techical fabrics that are Helly Hansen's signature, these VTR Printed 7/8 Capris are so good we have given them a rare 10/10 because we simply could not fault them.


Sizes: XS-XL

Colours: Shell Pink, Marine Blue, Ebony

RRP: £50.00 (but a steal at £30 as we go to press)

Website: Helly Hansen VTR Printed 7/8 Capri


Performance: 10/10

Value: 9.5/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre



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