Helly Hansen Vanir Heta Jacket


We are lucky enough to test a lot of kit and so when we say this jacket is a little bit special, that is really is high praise.  The Helly Hansen Vanir Heta jacket is feather light and offers protection from wind and water, whilst also offering the very best breathability.


Helly Hansen Vanir Heta Jacket


We have had the Helly Hansen Vanir Heta Jacket on long term test and so we have really put it through its paces, testing the waterproof, windproof and breathability claims under a range of different conditions and while enjoying a variety of activities too, and time and again it has come up trumps.


There are more features than we can do justice to in this review but, as always, it is the fabrics which make Helly Hansen gear perform beyond expectations.  For the Vanir Heta Jacket Helly Hansen have used their lightweight, breathable Helly Tech Performance fabric in combination with a double weave softshell.  Both fabrics are lighter than you would ever imagine, as well as being wonderfully stretchy, and as a result the jacket allows for a full range of movement.


To be honest, based on what we had read in advance, we were not prepared for just how feather light the Helly Hansen Vanir Heta jacket would be, which means that it begs to be packed whatever the weather – if you need it you will be so pleased you took along and if you don’t you won’t really be aware you are carrying it.


For a jacket of this quality it is no surprise to find Helly Hansen have included very effective vents under the arms and across the upper back, all of which are mesh lined to help move moisture away from the body and we found these really came into their own when you start to pick up the pace.  We always wore it with a high quality base layer to optimise the breathability of the high-tech fabrics and we were seriously impressed.  In warmer conditions, a light base was all we needed, but the cut is generous enough to allow for a mid-layer fleece underneath as well on cooler days and this means the Helly Hansen Vanir Heta jacket will see you through all but the very coldest days.


Overall the team at Helly Hansen have lived up to their promises with the Vanir Heta jacket and then some.  We love the little touches which include one hand hood adjustment and the use of soft fabrics to protect the chin and neck.  The roomy pockets are reinforced at the bottom and these look to be made to last, while the pocket zips are nicely hidden behind protective flaps, which not only gives a tidy finish, but also very effectively keep air out when they are closed.  Open them up and you have a bit more breathability to work with the vents under the arms and across the back.


The full length zip is easy to adjust, even with gloved hands and it is a high quality option.  Crucially it is protected by a wind flap behind it, which ensures cold air does not make it to the core when it is fully zipped up against the elements.  And if the elements are challenging, the elasticated cuffs will be appreciated, as will the drawstring around the bottom of the jacket.


The cut and finish of the Helly Hansen Vanir Heta jacket is beautiful, key seams are taped and sealed whilst there are high vis touches around the hood opening and at the back.


The Helly Hansen Vanir Heta jacket raises the bar in terms of protection from the elements in a stylish, flattering, lightweight and lovingly constructed jacket that is great for any activity – we won’t be leaving home without it.


Sizes: XS-XL

Colours: Shell Pink, Blue Mirage, Sodalite Blue

RRP: £140.00 (but a steal at just £84 as we go to press)

Website: www.hellyhansen.com HH Vanir Heta Jacket


Performance: 10/10

Value: 9.5/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre



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