Craft Women’s Warm Intensity CN LS


The Craft Women's Warm Intensity CN long sleeved base layer is billed as a seamless base layer for cold weather, with excellent wicking properties to move moisture away from the body during intensive exercise.


Craft Warm Intensity LS base


It was clear the lovely people at Craft really wanted us to experience the Craft Women's Warm Intensity CN long sleeved base layer and we get a little bit excited about testing something that the manufacturer feels so passionately about.  Very soon after it arrived, we were gifted the perfect weather for testing it: “showers and feeling cold with an added wind chill” was how the BBC described it, so we reached for the Craft Warm Intensity base, enjoyed the guilty pleasure of removing the tags from a brand new piece of kit and slipped it on, full of anticipation...


It is when the weather turns cold and wet that you really need kit which delivers on its promises.  In our opinion, it is easy to be motivated to get out on the bike when it is warm and sunny, and even if your kit is not top of the range, you will not feel particularly hard done by.  But try and bank some winter miles feeling cold and wet, and very quickly the best intentions will be challenged and the desire to train will be overwhelmed by the desire to stay warm and comfortable.


Get your kit right however and you can laugh in the face of whatever the weather throws at you and to that end we have always found that Craft – a Swedish company which had been producing technical sportswear for 40 years – know exactly what we need.  And we are happy to report the Warm Intensity base layer is another winner from them.


The fit of the Craft Women's Warm Intensity CN long sleeved base layer is outstanding thanks to the very stretchy, knitted fabric and seamless design.  The feel is literally like a second skin, as the base layer skims the body’s curves and, crucially, moves with it perfectly – a feature essential to ensuring sweat is moved away from the body – and there is plenty of length in the body too, so that it sits comfortably over the hips and gives great protection to the lower back, even when riding on the drops.  The sleeves are also generous in length and deep cuffs keep them perfectly in place while also allowing for cuffs on winter gloves to overlap for maximum warmth.  And finally, it is worth mentioning the slightly raised collar, which gives a close fit around the neck for a little added warmth here.


Interestingly, the 3D knit is not uniform throughout the base, this base layer is in fact “body mapped” a sexy term which means it is thicker and warmer where insulation is the priority and, slightly thinner in well thought out panels to allow for the very best temperature management overall and for moisture to best wick away from the body.  And all this is achieved without any seams, so there is nothing to cause any chafing or discomfort and as a consequence it also works really well under a close fitting winter jacket – how we hate flappy clothing at any time of the year!


We found the warmth, fit and comfort of the Craft Women's Warm Intensity CN LS exceptional and we have really put it through its paces.  Of course staying warm is only half of the challenge, moving sweat away from the body is critical as well and in that respect this base layer performs amongst the very best we have tested.  It has become our go to base layer for winter training and so it is just as well it is easy to wash at 40 degrees and dries really quickly too.  A bonus is that, even when we worked really hard, we found it did not smell.  We put that to the ultimate test by wearing it back to back for long rides both on Saturday and Sunday without washing it (yes we were right in touch with our masculine side for those 48 hours!) and surprisingly it really did not smell at all.   Perhaps we sweat rose petals after all...


The Craft Women's Warm Intensity CN long sleeved base layer is the perfect choice for cold weather training, it offers warmth, with a fit that has to be experienced to be believed, along with outstanding wicking properties to keep you dry, all in a super comfortable seam free design.  This base layer sets the standard this season and at £50 it represents great value for money too.


Sizes: XS – L

Colours: Black/granite, Black/Cameo

RRP: £50.00

Website: - women's warm intensity LS Base


Performance: 10/10

Value: 9/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre



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