A totally waterproof but highly breathable, lightweight jacket that redefines expectations, cut to fit the female figure – wear it or roll it up and put it in your back pocket, but don’t leave home without it!


Gore One Power Shakedry Jacket


Honestly, we expect the people at Gore to feel passionately about their product but when they sent the Gore One Power Lady Gore-Tex Shakedry Jacket to us for testing it was very clear that they regarded it as something rather special.  Gore is all about reliability and innovation, their focus is on developing kit that allows us to keep training or riding, whatever the weather, so it is by its very nature “special”; they continue to develop the most technical fabrics for cycling clothing, which are beautifully styled and meticulously put together.  Knowing all of this we were really interested to get our hands on this jacket, to understand for ourselves what it was that made it stand out in such an environment of excellence. 


Straight out of the packaging we were struck by just how lightweight the Gore One Power Shakedry Jacket is (we had a size 38 and it weighs just 131 grams) and it folds away to almost nothing, so it is easily accommodated in the back pocket of a jersey too.  However these features pale beside the waterproof and breathable qualities of the fabric and it is these which have got everyone so excited.  In short this jacket promises to be totally waterproof and when you do get it wet, it can be dry again with a quick shake, hence the name.


We received this jacket just as we were packing to head off to Mallorca for a week of (hopefully) sunny miles but since October is the wettest month out there, it is wise to pack a rain jacket.  A totally waterproof jacket might seem like overkill for a warm weather training week but we were persuaded that the Gore One Power Shake dry Jacket was the perfect bit of kit to take when the lovely people at Gore told us it is “actually as breathable as GWS (Gore wind stopper), so you don’t need to wait until it gets wet to use it...crack on.”  It is an impressive claim and we were keen to test it, so we cracked on!


Imagine this, a feather light jacket which offers total protection from wind and rain, but which is also breathable – it sounds almost too good to be true but if anyone can pull that off we know Gore can.  This claim is made as a result of the fabric developed and used for the Gore Shakedry Jacket, a two layer construction which is the lightest and most breathable GORE-TEX Active fabric they offer and it boasts a “permanent beading surface” on the outside of the jacket.  We particularly like the word permanent here, because other jackets which have promised to be waterproof have gradually lost that property over time, with wear. 


Gore One Power Shakedry Jacket features


The Gore Shakedry jacket is a cycling specific cut, which means it works well on the body when it is on the bike and bent over the bars – we found there was no tightness across the shoulders and no restriction of movement, even when hunched low over the bars for the descents.  Moreover, the women’s specific version is properly designed to accommodate a real female figure, all of which is standard practice for Gore’s female specific kit.  We also really liked the collar which stands up about 40 cm, is lined with a soft fabric and offers great protection to the neck, with a stud fastening at the top.  The full length, waterproof zip has a wind panel behind it and comes with a grippy zip pull that is easy to grab and adjust, even with the thickest of winter gloves and very cold fingers.  The back of the jacket is long enough to generously cover the lower back, with an elasticated band across the back to keep the fabric close to the body, making the most of the slim fit and it also ensures there is nothing that can flap about while you ride.   Perhaps is goes without saying that all the seams are taped and sealed.


Another useful feature of the Gore One Power Shakedry Jacket is that the cuffs are elasticated but also have zips and a strap with popper fastening, which allows you to pull the jacket on over gloves without removing them, trust us when we tell you this really is a Godsend when the weather is very cold and wet and has a smug rating that is off the scale if others in your group are having to take their gloves off to get a waterproof layer on mid-ride.


Gore has included two useful zipped pockets, one at chest height and one at the waist.  Neither is particularly big but we found we had stowed larger items, like a phone, in the layers we were wearing underneath and so this did not register as a concern.  There are also some Gore logos in reflective print but if we had a criticism of this jacket and we really only have one, it would be that it is not as visible as we like our winter gear to be.  Honestly, we really hated the thought that we would have to level any criticism at this incredibly innovative bit of kit, which will allow us to train all winter with barely a thought for the weather ... and then we got an update from Gore and realised that even as we were writing our review, they had anticipated our concerns and they have just launched two options in the Gore Shakedry Viz range with panels of either lumi orange or neon yellow in the sleeves – an addition which makes this jacket pure cycling perfection!  Apparently, adding colour required further development and I guess we should have known they would be on it.




In the past, there has always been a downside to any garment that promises to be completely waterproof and that is breathability – it seemed you could have one but not the other and as the waterproof rating went up, typically the breathability rating went down.  If you wanted to keep the rain out, the price was stopping sweat from moving away from the body and for years we have accepted this compromised.  Gore has given us pause to stop and rethink our expectations because this jacket really is both waterproof AND breathable.  Moreover, it promises to stay that way.  We have had ours on test for three months now and it looks, feels and performs like it did when we first unpacked it.  And we have checked with other reviews which back up our experience; the waterproof quality of this jacket really does stand the test of time, wearing and washing (just throw it in the washing machine at 40 degrees - simples). 


It was a strange one to test because we honestly felt quite excited at the prospect of going out in the worst weather we could find in order to check the claims made by Gore in respect of this jacket.  Clearly the warm weather testing of the breathability in Mallorca was not too onerous but the biggest test was a training weekend in the Scottish Highlands during late November, with snow on the ground and a forecast that would have sent most scurrying back to the comfort of a warm duvet.  In one ride of just under three hours we experienced rain, hail, sleet and snow, with driving winds.  It was the sort of weather that would test the resolve of even the most committed cyclist but this one ride alone left us totally convinced that the Gore Shakedry offers a whole new level of protection. 


The Gore Shakedry is billed as a slim fit and we had a medium on test (we wear a size 10) but it still allowed room for a winter jacket and base layer underneath, and with those layers our core body area felt warm, despite the freezing temperatures.  Our fingers and toes were another matter and they served to underline just how cold it really was – whilst our legs, feet and hands got very wet and eventually cold and numb too, our body stayed warm and dry and we noticed that water beaded on the surface of the jacket like a freshly waxed car.  When the ride was over, we took it off, gave it a shake and true to its name it was dry and ready to go again ... the legs, toes and fingers took a little longer to recover!


If you are determined to train whatever the weather, or perhaps you have no choice because you commute on your bike and so have to brave elements all year round, then the Gore One Power Shakedry Jacket will rock your world because it is quite unlike anything we have tested before.  Now we know why the people at Gore were so excited by this jacket, it is 100% waterproof and fabulously breathable, in a cycling specific cut – with this jacket in your wardrobe, there is no such thing as bad weather anymore and every day can be a training day!  We’re hoping they can produce a onesie for us next ...


Sizes: XS-XXL

Colours: black

Price: £280.00


Website: www.goreapparel.co.uk One Power Lady Gore Tex Shakedry Bike Jacket


Performance: 10/10 (it does exactly what it promises)

Value for money: 10/10 (there is no price that can be put on keeping dry!)


Tested by Jan Birkmyre


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