Craft Velo Thermal Tights


Offering outstanding protection against wind, rain and cold, and with a quality pad these tights are ideal for longer winter rides and commuting


craft velo thermal tights


Craft’s Velo range is designed to keep you cycling all year round, no matter what the weather has in store and the Craft Velo Thermal tights promised to keep us warm in the coldest of temperatures, so with the recent arctic conditions we have really put them to the test.


The Craft Velo Thermal tights offer exceptional protection against the elements primarily thanks to the wind and waterproof panel on the front of the legs.  This is complimented by the fabulously warm, fleece lined fabric which has been used for the panels at the back of the legs, which are both insulated and highly breathable.  It all adds up to the perfect package for overall temperature regulation for cold weather riding.


We have tested the Craft Velo Thermal tights in some seriously cold temperatures and found them exceptionally warm, with optimal performance at temperatures around freezing.  In the recent cold weather we loved having these as the go to tight for the daily commute; first thing in the morning and early in the evening they have kept our legs toasty warm and have been very much appreciated.  For this type of riding the fact that they were not bib tights was also an advantage, as they are quicker to pull on and altogether much less faff.  We reckon they would also be perfect for winter, or cold weather, touring when we often choose clothing without a bib for just that reason.


In our experience the pads used by Craft are always very comfortable and the Craft Velo Thermal tights are no exception.  We found this chammy delivered excellent comfort on the bike and we would recommend it for long rides.


If you are determined (or have to) ride in all conditions and you are looking for a really warm, well made non-bib tight, with a top dollar pad then look no further than the Craft Velo Thermal tights – these are about as good as it gets.  However you should be aware that there is a slight downside to any fabric that boasts wind and water proof qualities and that is elasticity.  Highly stretchy fabrics do not block wind and rain and that is just the way it is with all the wind/water blocking fabrics we have come across.  That is not to say there is no stretch but it is definitely less than a classic Roubaix fabric, for example, which of course gives little protection in really cold and wet weather.


So if warmth and protection from the rain are the priorities, then you have to accept that there is a price to pay in the fit and feel, with wind/waterproof fabrics feeling tighter and not moulding to the legs or body like fabrics with a high Lycra content.  However, Craft have done their best to mitigate this by designing the Velo Thermal tights to be pre-shaped to the body on the bike. They have added a nice wide elasticated waist band too, all of which helps although we still felt the need to pull them up as high as possible before getting on the bike to give ourselves a little wiggle room and to allow for them to drop a fraction.


The Craft Velo Thermal tights offer outstanding protection against wind, rain and cold.  With a quality pad, they are ideal for longer rides in weather when you might otherwise not want to ride at all and they are perfect for commuting and cold weather touring too.


Sizes: XS-L

Colour: Black with reflective print

RRP: £65



Performance: 8.5/10

Value: 8/10


Reviewed by Emma Silversides



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