Gore Universal Windstopper Thermo Overshoes


The Gore Universal Windstopper Thermo Overshoes are an essential bit of kit for anyone who wants to train in cold weather.  They are windproof, breathable and thermo lined for warmth, with a high viz option on offer too.


Gore Universal Windstopper Thermo Overshoes


In our opinion the least enjoyable part of winter training is when we are suffering from cold feet and on one occasion, the thawing out process after a long ride in sub-zero temperatures had us in tears.  Ridiculous on many fronts you might argue and with some really effective overshoes available, no one needs to experience that anymore.


We are big fans of the Gore brand, we have been testing kit from them for a number of years now and whilst some items we review get passed on to grateful friends, it speaks volumes that the Gore stuff never seems to be gifted – it is what we choose to train in and we are lucky enough to have a lot to choose from.  With Gore you can be confident that you will get well thought out, quality kit, made from high tech – with the new Shakedry you could say groundbreaking – fabrics that do exactly what they promise.


We’re not proud, faced with a bitterly cold winter and a determination to train through it, we begged Gore for some overshoes.  Happily they obliged and we have been wearing the Gore Universal Windstopper Thermo Overshoes ever since the landed in the office. 


As you can probably guess from the title Gore have used their amazing Windstopper fabric for these overshoes and this provides a great barrier to the wind, whilst also being fabulously breathable.  Added to that is an insulated layer, which is much thicker at the front, over the top of the foot and toes, and the inner surface of the overshoes is fleece lined.


The Gore Universal Windstopper Thermo Overshoes are a snug fit and secured with a zip.  Given the fit and the fact that only the rear panel is elasticated, we were happy to find they were easier than expected to put on and zip up, with a handy little L and R to help you decide which foot to put each one on.  As is standard with Gore kit there are some little touches which add to the longevity and in particular we liked the use of hard wearing fabric under the toes – this is where overshoes typically wear out but after a month of consistent wear, all indications are that these will last really well.


We chose the high viz option because we don’t believe there is a world where we can be too visible on a bike but there is a stealthy black version if stealth is your thing.  Both options have a reflective insert up the back of the heel and the Gore logo is also reflective.  Again nice touches in what is overall a very nicely put together garment.


We have been regularly riding in temperatures around zero degrees and the Gore Universal Windstopper Thermo Overshoes are like survival clothing to us now.  There have been no more tears in the shower and honestly we think our feet have never had it so good.


Gore’s Windstopper fabric is truly awesome stuff and used in Universal Windstopper Thermo Overshoes the DWR (durable water repellent) coating gave us reasonable protection from light rain and spray.  In heavy rain and on a longer ride, our feet did eventually get wet but critically, the wind protection offered by these overshoes stopped the wind chill from reaching out feet and kept us reasonably comfortable.


At full retail, £59.99, they are not cheap but shop around and you will pick up a pair for as little as £38 just now.  But even if you did pay full price we don’t think you would feel stung, quite the opposite in fact, you would feel quietly smug and wonder why you hadn’t done it sooner because there is no price that can be put on keeping feet warm during winter rides. 


The Gore Universal Windstopper Thermo Overshoes are a real treat for your feet, offering protection from wind, rain and cold with a healthy dose of extra visibility too.  Thank you Gore!


Sizes: 36-38 to 48-50 (we tested 39-41 which worked well over a size 40 shoe)

Colours: black/neon yellow, black

Price: £280.00

Website: Gorewear.com Women/footwear/overshoes/


Performance: 9/10

Value for money: 10/10 (there is no price that can be put on keeping dry!)


Tested by Jan Birkmyre



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