Helly Hansen Warm Glove Liner


The Helly Hansen Warm Glove Liner is a great way to add a layer of insulation to your winter gloves and mitts on really cold days, or they can be worn alone in milder weather – either way you benefit from Helly’s amazing Lifa Merino fabric which is not just warm, it is breathable and super soft to the touch too.


Helly Hansen Warm Glove Liner


The Helly Hansen Warm Glove Liner is another garment which marries Helly Hansen’s tried and tested Lifa fabric with warm and all natural Merino wool, this time in a glove liner which will breathe new life into your winter gloves.


Whatever you do outside it has been tough to keep the fingers warm this winter and never more so than on the bike.  We have come back from rides with fingers so cold we can barely hold onto a zip pull to get our kit off – it’s been quite pathetic at times and so we were very happy to test these glove liners from Helly Hansen.


Made from Lifa Merino material, which combines their amazing Polypropylene fabric (amazing because it retains 40 times less water than polyester, is 40% lighter and with a 60% better insulation to weight ratio), with wonderful, all natural merino wood to produce a “super-fabric” that has the best of all worlds.  The result we found was a pair of glove liners that were really warm and when we worked up a bit of a sweat and they very effectively moved moisture away from our hands, thereby reducing the wind chill factor. 


Of course you need a bit of wiggle room in your gloves in the first place if you are going to comfortably accommodate any liner but the Helly Hansen Warm Glove Liner is one of the lightest and least voluminous that we have come across.  The Lifa Merino fabric feels wonderfully soft next to the skin, so if the use of wool makes you wonder if they will feel itchy, fear not, Merino is soft to the touch, completely itch free and allergy neutral too, so you can really turbo charge the warmth of your gloves without adding much bulk and they are great at wicking away sweat.


The mix of fabrics is the same as that used in the Helly Hansen Lifa Merino ½ zip which we absolutely raved about and have only taken off for as long as it takes to wash and dry it.  So it was no surprise to us that the Helly Hansen Warm Glove Liner was an instant hit with us too.  Sometimes it is the simple things that really make a big difference and these gloves do just that.  And when winter is over, they will see action right the way through to the warmer weather too, because they work well when worn alone warm spring conditions.


If you hate cold hands the Helly Hansen Warm Glove Liner might be just what you need – warm, breathable and with a slim fit that will work under most winter gloves, or alone on warmer days.


Sizes: small, medium or large

Colour: black

Price: Lifa £15, Lifa Merino £25.00 (but we have found them at £16.50)

Website:  Helly Hansen gloves and mitts

Lifa version hellyhansen.com Dry Glove Liner

Warm Glove Liner at £16.50 shop-outdoors.co.uk - HH Warm Glove Liner


Performance: 9/10         

Value for money: 9/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre



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