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If cycling jerseys were a recognised art form this is what it would look like, but to be fair, the wonderful appearance of the Craft Velo Art jersey is just the start.  This jersey has clearly been designed and put together with a lot of love and the result is as functional as it is beautiful, and that is really going some!


The range of Craft Velo Art jerseys are all wearable art; unique designs in the softest, lightest fabric we have come across, cut to flatter to the female form and highly functional too


Our first impressions of the Craft Velo Art jersey were all about the lightness and the truly incredibly soft feel of the fabric.  We’ve tested a few top-end jerseys in our time but this was on a whole new level and so we were rather excited to try it on the bike.  Sadly we’ve had to wait a while because this is kit for hot summer days and we had to travel to Mallorca for a proper taste of that!


With the fabric offering UPF50+ the Craft Velo Art jersey was an easy pick for the glorious sun shine we enjoyed and so we really put this through its paces on some long hot rides.  Being so light it was very quick to wash and dry, so we could enjoy wearing it over and over again, and that proved to be rather a treat.


The “art” in the Craft Velo Art jersey comes from the very original sublimated print design.   Sublimation is a computer printing process which uses heat to transfer dye to the fabric, a process which can produce bold and beautiful designs which are embedded into the fabric and are therefore permanent and do not lose impact when the fabric is stretched.  Craft have used this really well to produce a choice of four jerseys all of which are wearable art, although the Galactic/Dahlia which we had on test is (we think) the most dramatic.


Quite aside from the stunning look and feel, Craft have not held back on the functional needs of the cyclist with the Velo Art jersey.  The design is body skimming, and the soft, stretchy fabric has the most beautiful drape, all of which means there is no need for nasty silicone strips around the bottom hem to keep this in place.  We found the slightly dropped tail and very female shape worked just perfectly, with everything looking just right even when the heat was on and the effort picked up.


In terms of temperature management, the lightweight fabric works really well to move moisture away from the body but mesh inserts under the pits really step that up and we did not feel damp at any time, despite some big sessions.


The Craft Velo Art jersey has two pockets at the back and this is the source of little niggle we have with what is otherwise the most perfect jersey...  The pockets themselves are deep, secure and like everything else with this jersey, beautifully finished but we have a preference of three pockets because with just two, it is tricky to load them evenly.  We like to put our phone - the heaviest thing we carry - in the middle pocket for balance but this is impossible with this jersey and it seems to be a theme that Craft have adopted across a number of items of kit.  And it is this feature which stops this otherwise perfect jersey being rated 10 out of 10, when everything else about it suggests it should be.


The range of Craft Velo Art jerseys are all wearable art; unique designs in the softest, lightest fabric we have come across, cut to flatter to the female form and highly functional too.  The cut works beautifully on the bike and after a good few miles on test we just love, love, love this jersey for hot summer miles – let’s hope we get lots of opportunity to wear it again before summer is through.


Sizes: XS-XL

Colors: Galactic/Dahlia, white/black, black/multi, black/white

RRP: £65.00

Website: - for all of the women’s bike wear


Performance: 9/10

Value: 9/10


Reviewed by Jan Birkmyre



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