Craft Cool Intensity RN SS Base


The Craft Cool Intensity RN short sleeved base is a beautifully finished, lightweight and high performance layer which uses high tech fabrics to keep you cool and dry when training in the hottest of temperatures.


Craft Cool Intensity RN SS Base


It might seem counter intuitive to wear a base layer in order to keep cool – logic suggests that fewer layers will be cooler than more – but a good base layer actually pulls moisture away from the body and works to manage core temperature better than can be achieved by wearing a cycling jersey next to your skin and that is exactly what this base layer promises to do.


Straight out of the packaging we were really impressed by just how feather-light the Craft Cool Intensity base is and by the different weights and weaves that are carefully placed to ensure the most efficient movement of moisture from the body.  And before we get into the performance it is worth highlighting the fact that the Craft Cool Intensity is really well put together; the seamless design is finished with painstaking detail and the neck line, for example, is beautifully taped.


The highly functional COOLMAX AIR and STAY COOL fabrics which Craft have used for their Cool Intensity base are lightweight and super-stretchy, allowing for complete freedom of movement, and you can’t help but be impressed by the number of different panels, which showcase a huge variety of different structures and knitting techniques.  The panels themselves are placed to optimise the movement of moisture away from the body to keep you cool and dry.


The Craft Cool Intensity base layer is for high intensity sessions in warm conditions.  Craft suggest 10ºC and warmer, so clearly we had to travel to test this in spring, although happily we have been able to use it to great effect back home in the UK more recently.  We were desperate to get testing the summer kit we had but since making the weight is always a challenge when travelling with a bike, we are quite selective when it comes to packing kit.  This base however was an easy pick, first of all it weighs almost nothing, second it would clearly wash and dry overnight allowing for repeated wear and last but by no means least, we know from experience that a Craft base layer does exactly what it says on the tin and it was just the kind of high performance piece we would appreciate on long training rides in temperatures up to 30ºC.  We don’t mean to be smug, we tell you this only to reassure you that we put this base through its paces in the most demanding of conditions, day after day!


We loved the seamless design of the Craft Cool Intensity base layer, which allows for a close to body fit with no worries about chafing or rubbing, and we found it worked well under a “race fit” jersey.  It was in fact particularly perfect under the Craft Velo Art jersey, which itself is fabulously lightweight and soft.


Craft tell us they have been refining their base layers for four decades and it is clear that a huge amount of love and care has gone into the Craft Cool Intensity base, which we found exceptional in terms of performance.  We rode a combination of long miles and some high intensity intervals, all in the very high temperatures and never once did we feel damp, so this base must have been working almost as hard as we were to move sweat away from the body!  We didn’t catch even a light shower but we did wash this base out repeatedly, so we know that it dries very quickly and we have a feeling that might be a feature we appreciate now that we are back home.


Choosing the right kit for training in the heat can be more challenging than picking items to keep you warm but the Craft Cool Intensity RN short sleeved base layer has become a firm favourite for us now that the sun is shining on our training rides.  It is clear that a great deal of thought has gone into the development of the fabrics and the design, with the result being a base that performs perfectly as the mercury rises.


Sizes: XS-XL

Colours: white

RRP: £40.00

Website: - women - bike - for all of the women’s bike wear 

or - women - baselayer - for women's base layers 


Performance: 9/10

Value: 9/10


Reviewed by Jan Birkmyre



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