GORE R5 3/4 Tights


Designed to flatter while being all about function, the GORE R5 3/4 Tights are deceptively high performance workout tights for gym work, yoga, trail running, stretch sessions or a gentle Sunday morning jog – really we looked for any excuse to wear them because they looked and felt so good!


GORE R5 3/4 Tights


As we head into autumn we will be featuring a range of high tech kit aimed at keeping active but which also makes you feel and look good when training off the bike, because this time of year is perfect for some cross training, weights, running and yoga.  If you have been training hard all summer, now is the time to plan to give your mind and body a rest and you know what they say, a change is as good as a rest!


Women in particular need to be aware of the dangers of osteoporosis and of course one of the best ways to prevent this condition is to take regular weight bearing exercise.  We think this kit from GORE is enough to inspire anyone to get active – we’ve loved testing the Gore R5 3/4 Tights and R5 Sleeveless Top.  More about the top later, for now we are going to concentrate on the tights.


We have had the pleasure of testing a lot of cycling kit from Gore so we know all about the quality of their clothing; the fabrics are cutting edge and the way the garments are designed and put together suggest an uncompromising attitude to quality that we very much appreciate.  However, this is our first non-cycling outfit from GORE, so we were really keen to get started with the R5 3/4 Tights.


Out of the box, the first impressions were that the GORE R5 3/4 Tights were light, technical and well designed.  Most striking of all is the deep waistband – 12 cm’s of heavily elasticated fabric (22% elastane) that sits just on the natural waist line and drops to the upper hip area.  Slip the tights on and this broad elasticated band gives support and compression that made us more aware of our core in a really good, proprioceptive way, whilst also being hugely flattering. 


Honestly, at this point we were completely sold on the GORE R5 3/4 Tights in a “You had me at hello” sort of a way, a quote which only works if you are a fan of Jerry Maguire.  Just in case you’re not a fan we’ll spell it out; for us, the look, feel and fit of the waist band of the GORE R5 3/4 Tights was enough for us to give them a big thumbs up without the need to know anything further.  We felt rather special wearing them and the compliments we received suggested not all of that was in our imagination.


It would however be unfair not to mention the fact that the GORE R5 3/4 Tights are lovingly designed to fit the female figure and stitched with flatlock seams that leave nothing to rub or chafe.  The legs are made from a lightweight, stretchy, technical fabric which holds its shape exceptionally well, helps move sweat away from the body and dries very quickly if it does get wet.  It also washes at 40 degrees so no special care is required.


GORE have added a couple of nice touches to an already stand out pair of tights by including a mesh section behind the knees to further aid ventilation, plus a really useful and secure zipped pocket on the left front.  And finally the GORE logo on the front is reflective, as are dots behind the knees.


Overall the GORE R5 3/4 Tights are beautifully designed and wonderfully flattering workout tights, great for warm weather workouts outside or for indoor use all year round.  We think these will keep us motivated through autumn and into winter, which makes them an investment in our long term health.


Sizes: XS-XL

Colours: terra grey/black

Price: £59.99


Website: gorewear.com r5 women 3/4 tights


Performance: 9/10

Value for money: 9/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre



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