Helly Hansen Merino Fleece Hooded Jacket


The Helly Hansen Merino Fleece Hooded Jacket, with its brushed finish inside is a wonderfully warm and stylish option, that works equally well as a mid or top layer to keep you warm and dry whatever cold weather activities you enjoy.


Helly Hansen Merino Fleece Hooded Jacket is so versatile


Question: what could be better than Helly Hansen fleece?  Answer: a Helly Hansen merino Fleece!  OK so it was a trick question but we have been testing the Helly Hansen Merino Fleece Hooded Jacket recently and just did not know where to start in terms of telling you just how lovely it is.


You will have noticed that we have been getting more and more merino on test.  It used to be quite rare but these days it can be found in top of the range base and mid layers alike, and this hooded jacket is a really great example of just how versatile this fabric can be. 


We think merino is perfect for technical garments because it is 100% natural, fabulously warm, has a good amount of stretch but none of the itchiness that is the downside of lambswool.  As a result it can be worn next to the skin, or layered.


Of course not all merino is created equal but what you get with the quality yarns, used by the likes of Helly Hansen, is a fabric that feels amazing whilst optimising body temperature really well.  This is a function of the innate warmth offered by merino, in combination with its superb ability to move moisture away from the body.  The science behind this is that the keratin fibres are hydrophobic at one end and hydrophilic at the other, the result is they move sweat away from the body and even if you get caught in a rain storm, unlike many other fabrics, the merino wool actually retains warmth. 


Add to all of that the fact that merino, in common with most wools, contains lanolin, which has natural antibacterial properties, so it does not get smelly with use, but when you do need to wash it you can do so at 40 degrees with no worries about shrinkage.  For us this is a winning package and undoubtedly why Helly Hansen have used it in some of their performance clothing.


Helly Hansen Merino Fleece Hooded Jacket is warm and stylish


We have been wearing the Helly Hansen Merino Fleece Hooded Jacket as a mid-layer on the coldest of days (we have had quite a few of those already) and a top layer when it has been milder.  The fabric is dense but not bulky and Helly have added to the warmth with a brushed inside, all of which mean it fits under a top layers really well.  We have been wearing it under the Helly Hansen Lifaloft Hybrid Insulator Jacket and loving every moment of performance cosiness, with no small measure of style too.


The fit of the Helly Hansen Merino Fleece Hooded Jacket is relaxed enough to comfortably wear over a winter base but fitted enough to work under a top layer or alone with a little bit of feminine shape to it, even the hood is a reasonably snug fit.  The contrast piping around the hood, hem and sleeve ends are testament to the quality of the overall build and stylish finish, and we liked the contrast zips too.  There are two pockets which are deep and also come with secure zips.


The Helly Hansen Merino Fleece Hooded Jacket is an aspirational piece, an investment if you like, that is so wearable whether you are running, hiking, walking, skiing, or just looking for a cover up to get to the gym or a yoga class.  We’ve even worn it with jeans when sneaking out for a coffee.  Sometimes we can’t believe how lucky we are to test and review the kit we get and this was one of those times – thanks lovely people at Helly, this is a real winner that will be worn and loved and worn again all winter.


Sizes: XS – XL

Colour: Cabernet or Ebony

Price: £180.00

Website:  Helly Hansen.com Merino fleece hooded jacket


Performance: 10/10       

Value for money: 9/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre



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