Craft Siberian Glow Glove


The Craft Siberian Glow gloves are quite simply the warmest gloves we have tested, bar none.  They are fleece lined for insulation, have a wind and waterproof shell and a deep, adjustable, cuff but the big upgrade this year is all about visibility as the entire top of the hand is now covered in a reflective material which is tough to miss.


Craft Siberian Glow Glove


If you commute by bike or train though the winter you will have experienced cold hands and we sympathise, it is really miserable but happily you don’t need to suffer.  We tested the Craft Siberian Gloves a while back and raved about them then, so we were delighted to have a chance to test the new Glow version, which we found every bit as warm but with a visibility upgrade which we really love.


We are pretty determined when it comes to braving the elements to get out on our bikes and we have already had lots of opportunity to test cold weather kit this winter.  So we have put the Craft Siberian Glow Glove through its paces and, in short, they get a huge thumbs up from us.  Just like the originals, the Glow version of Craft’s Siberian gloves are wonderfully warm courtesy of the gorgeously soft fleece lining, which provides the first layer of insulation.  This is teamed with a thick layer of insulation and finally, the outer later is wind and waterproof.  The overall result is a stand out pair of winter gloves.


Any glove which offers this level of warmth will be a bit bulky and that will have a knock on effect to dexterity.  We were conscious of that for the first couple of rides but very quickly we found they had relaxed a little and loosened up sufficiently that we did not feel our sense of touch was unduly compromised.  Most important of all, we had plenty of grip on the bars thanks to the silicone spots on the palms and fingers, and there were no issues reaching or operating the brakes and gears, even when it was wet.  And a positive spin off is that the insulation adds to the comfort on long winter rides, so where we might otherwise have double taped the bars we don’t feel the need with these gloves.


Craft have designed the Siberian Glow Gloves with a deep (6 cm) cuff that is lightly elasticated at the wrist and Velcro adjustable, so there is absolutely no gap between the bottom of your jacket sleeve and the cuff.  When the gloes are done up snugly there no chance of any cold air getting to your fingers or up your arms either.  And it is important to note that although the cuff is nicely padded, they still fitted neatly under the sleeve of a winter jacket - we found they worked well with all of our cold weather jacket options.


There is the expected soft terry fabric on both thumbs, to wipe away any nastiness from your face – there is plenty of that at this time of year – and happily the gloves can be washed at 40 degrees.  A top tip is to make sure they are totally dry and a warm before you set out though, otherwise you are on the back foot before you start.  We have got in to the habit of taking them into the house and storing them in a warm place as soon as we get home from a ride.


We could not find mention of this as a feature but we found the index finger worked really well with a touch screen and that is kind of vital, because if it is cold enough that you need these gloves on in the first place you really will not want to remove them to answer your phone!


Last but not least, it is worth mentioning that these gloves are clearly built to last, with a reinforced end to the index finger and thumb.  This extends all the way down to the base of the thumb, where the hand rests on the bars, which is usually where cycling gloves give out first but we have been wearing the original Siberian Gloves for years now and they are still going strong – the ultimate long term test.


Craft are all about developing kit for extremes of weather and there is almost no price that we would not pay in order to keep our hands warm on winter rides and so the Craft Siberian Glow Gloves come very highly recommended by us.  Warm and waterproof and with a massive reflective panel, these gloves do everything we could ask of a pair of winter gloves and more.  This is the sort of kit you never regret investing in.


Sizes: 7/XS to 11/XL

Colours: Black/silver

Price: RRP £40.00

Website: Craft Siberian Glow Glove


Performance: 9/10

Value for money: 9/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre


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