GORE C3 Women Thermo Bib Tights+


The Gore C3 Women Thermo Bibtights+ are beautifully designed and offer great insulation for winter training, along with a top quality pad which allows for some serious winter mileage and the fabulous zip system that facilitates quick and easy toilet breaks without having to remove even your gloves.


Bib tights which offer exceptional warmth and comfort for winter training, with the clever Gore zip system which allows for quick and easy toilet breaks too


When it comes to keeping warm and comfortable on the bike in winter, bib-tights win hands down over other options, the fit and feel is significantly better than tights with a waist band but there is a downside and that is the faff factor when you need to relieve yourself.  That goes off the scale if you are rugged up with lots of winter layers and if you are riding with a group who are rapidly getting cold while you peel off layers of clothing to take a “natural break”, you can lose friends quickly and as well as any warmth you might have built up at this point in the ride.


Gore’s solution to this challenge is in our opinion the best by far.  We have tested it in bib tights and shorts over a period of several years now, so we can say with absolute confidence that it is so easy to use and it has never let us down.  The C3 Women Thermo Bibtights+ have this tried and tested system which uses two zips at waist level that open from the centre back outwards, to just above the hip.  The bottom area of the tights can then be pulled down to allow for the easiest and quickest of stops, all without taking any item of clothing off.


Probably the highest compliment we can pay Gore’s C3 Women Thermo Bibtights+ is to tell you that they are the bibs we choose to wear, long after the testing process is over, even though we have a bucket load kit to choose from.  The reason we choose them is because they have combined the amazing zip system, with a genuinely female specific fit, a quality pad and of course their wonderfully warm, stretchy and wicking fleece lined fabric too.


Expectations from Gore kit are always high but honestly they never disappoint and we find it is fantastically durable too.  There are a number of additional features worth mentioning and top of that list is the bib system, which secures with a clip over the breast bone and is really secure on women of all sizes, with result being that there is no chaffing on the upper body.  Thoughtfully the back of the bib has a large mesh insert, which works well with a quality base layer to allow all that good honest sweat to move away from the body. 


We also love the pre-shaped knees because (in our opinion) few things are more annoying than fabric pulling over the knee with every pedal stroke for three hours or more.  But once again Gore have gone beyond the obvious by adding an extra layer of the super-stretchy fabric over the knee area to keep the joint warm and it is little things like that which really demonstrate their knowledge of our needs so beautifully.


As if that were not enough, they have added a panel of their wonderful windstopper fabric to the front of the bibs.  It runs from the top of the pad to a level that meets the hem of a winter jacket and very effectively keeps the wind chill from that area.  We hadn’t even realised we needed that until we tried it, now we would demand it in all our winter kit.


The Gore C3 Women Thermo Bibtights+ are just want we need to get through the worst of the winter with a smile on our face.  Warmth and comfort come as standard but there are a number of features which make these really stand apart from the crowd, not least the zip system that allows for quick and easy toilet breaks.  We’ve awarded a rare 10 out of 10 for performance because we could not think of anything that could be better and we reckon they are an investment piece.


Sizes: XS-XL

Colours: black or black/neon yellow

Price: £99.99

Website: www.gorewear.com Gore-c3-women-thermo-bib-tights


Performance: 10/10

Value for money: 9.5/10


Tested by Jan Birkmyre



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